I went to Munich two weeks ago

18 July 2010

We’ve been travelling a bit in July too. I went to Munich the first weekend of July to visit my uncle and meet up with my sister who came along. This was a lovely and fun weekend. Visiting the Museum Brandhorst and the Pinakothek der Moderne were the highlights for me, I really would have loved to have my family with me there. The art on was so entertaining, particularly in the Museum Brandhorst where they had works by Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst on display. I don’t know anything about art, but I feel that if I see works that entertain me and at the same time trigger questions and ideas, or is simply touching, my utter ignorance doesn’t matter. To me the most impressive art was a room full of paintings of roses by Cy Twomble (‘the rose cycle’) who specifically created this series for a particular room at the Museum Brandhorst. The paintings were linked to poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and Ingeborg Bachmann.
The weekend went much too quickly, but when I was back, our dear friend Birge and her fab children paid us a quick visit in Lyon. Although Birge was in Munich at the same time as me, we didn’t get to meet. It’s my uncle’s fault, really, because he, my sister and I shared a bottle of champagne over a late lunch and thus I was in no condition to travel through Munich unaccompanied :). But Birge made it to Lyon! While being stuck in the US for the time being, she made it to Europe for the summer break, so it was special and wonderful to see her in Lyon. I wish we could meet more often. Testosterone corner is now officially the number one tourist attraction of Lyon. It was the first and most important place to visit :). Who needs to see churches when there are abs to be adored?? (Just for the record… we did visit churches and other sights too).
I have taken some photos of the kids on a metal structure that is currently installed on Place Bellecour. Isn’t it great? The kids had lots of fun climbing around on that thing.

Lovin' Lyon -- Place Bellecour


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