This is post number 101!

17 June 2010

Looking back it seems like we have done a lot of blogging… we have not even lived here for a full 12 months. But not long now, in exactly 54 days we will be able to celebrate the first anniversary of our arrival in France. All the while life goes on, i guess. Linus has now virtually finished school for this year. He had school on Monday and Tuesday this week, the rest of the time until the 2nd of July (the official end of term) he won’t go to school. The reason: The last year students are having their BAC exams. Okay. It feels like Linus has not spent much time at school this year. Just a quick calculation. He had roughly
2 weeks holiday in October
2 weeks holiday in December
2 weeks holiday in February
2 weeks holiday in April
and he will have a total of 10 weeks summer holidays. That makes 18 weeks in total. This doesn’t sound too bad, but on top of this,
we had a total of 2 weeks of strike
and he has been ill for about 3 weeks in total.
So, out of 52 weeks, he has been off school for about 23 weeks. I have not included the odd days off like bank holidays or long weekends. I find this quite amazing and I hope that next year he will at least have a full time table at school with more subjects. Anyway, because he has these extended summer holidays, I am now organizing French tuition for him. I hope I can sort this out on such short notice. He also has to work a bit on his SVT (life science course) every day.
Lucy thinks this is only fair, she is not pleased that she has another 2 weeks of school! I am also hoping I can book Linus in for a week’s language summercamp with German and French teenagers in the south of France, it sounds like a super course with tandem lessons in the mornings and sports activities in the afternoon. I have just rung them and am hoping that we can still get a place. I will find out during the course of the day, so keep your fingers crossed for me, PLEASE.

Lucy has had a busy time at school, she was in taking part in two theatre shows and had numerous performances this week. I’ve been to both shows and they were both lovely. I was particularly impressed with the one from her French year group (82 children in total), because this was a co-production of various language sections. The play was in French, Polish, English, Spanish and Italian…. quite remarkable and when watching it, I thought that it must have been difficult to come up with a plot that made sense in all languages and then combine the different acts in a meaningful way. And it was very hard, as one of the English teachers told me. Nevertheless, they did a great job. They had picked the story of the huge turnip that is so big that it takes loads of people/ creatures (grandma, grandpa, grandson, dog, cat, frog, stork…) to pull it out in a concerted effort. Do you know the one?
This week we also have the annual school fête coming up, so I will be baking cupcakes and a cake, help setting up the stalls and also man a stall. I am on the lucky dip (I think) and looking forward to it :). The fête is tomorrow and I really hope the rain holds off for a bit, it would be a shame to get washed away. I have been told that it is a culinary adventure, because there are food stalls from every nation present at the school. I am looking forward to that!

Apart from sorting out family life, I am now officially unemployed and a job seeker. The appointment with the people from the employment agency was very good, they were extremely helpful and kind. I am booked in for a meeting next Tuesday where I will be given some sort of help to apply for jobs. I didn’t fully understand what they were saying, but I am sure it’s going to be helpful :). I have also started applying for a job, the French Red Cross encourage cold applications via their website. I have started one. It’s not easy in French, particularly when I have worked in a role for which there is no equivalent in French, but I think it will be a useful exercise for me. I don’t really expect a job to come out of this, but it’s a first step.

I have to rectify my comments about the wonderful weather in Lyon. It has been raining heavily (on and off) for the whole of the week now, and the intensity of the downpours has been quite incredible. I got soaked this morning just nipping into the bakers’ which is a two minute walk from our flat. And yes, I did have an umbrella with me. It’s still raining now, although the rain seems to be easing off slowly but surely. Luckily, it’s not cold and once it stops raining, the puddles evaporate very quickly. It’s supposed to be sunny again by Sunday, so there’s hope that the summer will come back. Rolf’s birthday is coming up and we are planning to go camping next weekend, we need some good weather for that!

I’ll be back for more soon, I have loads I want to share (I haven’t blogged for a week…), but right now I can hear a faint calling from the kitchen…. it’s all these chores that are waiting to be done. They have united in a choir that I can no longer ignore (though Lord knows I tried)
A bientôt!

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