Hoorah, I can get downstairs again

8 June 2010

I have been in pain since Saturday night, my legs have been killing me. Today is the first day that I do not look like some 80-year old cowboy with a hip problem when I walk or try to get downstairs. I can do this now without holding on to the handrail and I am slowly regaining some of my natural grace and elegance ;). You may wonder why this is? I’ll tell you. Linus and I have been on an outing to the Parc naturel du pilat for a climbing excursion at the weekend, this was organized by Le mur de lyon, where Linus does his regular climbing sessions. Boy, it was amazing. We started off doing via ferrata (which is a fixed rope route). I loved this. We were pretty high up on the mountain with an incredible vista. I did not look down too often though, because it was REALLY high up (for me anyway, I hadn’t done this kind of thing before). Although you have steel ropes to attach yourself to and make you feel safe, it is still physically pretty demanding, but totally de-stressing at the same time, because you have to concentrate so hard on the next step or where to hold on to, that you can’t think of anything else. (This was just what I needed to calm my still buzzing brain down. I definitely want to do more of this.) I was actually okay with climbing the rocks, the things that I found really scary were these ‘Indiana Jones’- like wobbly bridges or mere steel ropes that stretched across precipices. But I did it and I had no choice either, because on these via ferrata going back is not really an option. I could not believe how confident Linus is in situations like that: He was almost skipping across those bridges when I tried to keep them as still as possible by treading very lightly. Obviously, he found it very funny to take the mickey out of his old mum who was sneaking across :).
The rest of the afternoon was spent rock climbing, which was really enjoyable too, but more difficult for me as a total novice.
The best thing about this park is that all the climbing routes are public and you can do them totally free of charge, all you need to do is bring your safety equipment along. Isn’t that wonderful? There are even via ferrata for children. We are going hiking to the area next weekend, because I have to show Rolf and Lucy this marvellous place. I would love to go climbing there en famille!

After the climbing I felt great, but when the evening came I could already feel some stiffness in my legs. And Sunday was murder. I haven’t had aching legs like that since I used to practice karate. It just goes to show that my muscles are wasting away in my fourth decade of life and that I desperately need to do more regular climbing.

The instructor who accompanied us took loads of photos. I am still waiting for those, he was going to email them out. As soon as I have got them, I am going to put some on the blog (that is, if they are not too embarrassing… 🙂 ).

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