My plant has sunburn

4 June 2010

I have no garden and I am loving it (for the time being. I am sure I will get to a point where I am desperate for a house and garden). At the moment, I am content that I can enjoy the well-kept outdoor spaces like the park and the berges du Rhône and don’t have to do chores like cutting grass, trimming hedges or cutting branches off trees, or worse still, take the whole lot of gardening waste to the skip. Instead, I am doing ‘windowsill gardening’ here and that’s great. We have lavender which is growing beautifully and a little olive tree which is not doing badly either. But the stars of our modest collection are those two little guys that we have grown from stones: An avocado plant and a peach tree in the making. Both are growing nicely and a pleasure to care for.

The sensitive avocado plant

The little green thing that wants to become a peach tree

But one thing has really astonished me. I keep looking for the perfect place for the avocado tree, because the tree caught a sunburn! I couldn’t believe it at first, but the plant actually has a little problem when directly exposed to the sun.
How can this be? I thought avocados grow in places that are kind of sunny like South Africa, Chile, Spain. Marion, can you enlighten me? Is there suntan lotion available for plants? Does it need a hat? Right now, I am keeping the plant in the kitchen, I have not found a windowsill in our flat on which the little tree can sit without getting damaged.

Can you see the hole? I can assure you that it hasn't been caused by my son and his magnifying glass!

...and a nicely tanned leaf. (By the way, the white spots are NOT a sign of further ailments, they are waffle batter, the tree got splashed in the heat of the baking :))

On a different note, I want to share another observation about French men. As a regular reader, you know all about testosterone corner and macho attitude, to avoid bias, I also have to tell you now how French guys display their gentler (more feminine?) side. Let me illustrate this with a real life example. The other day, a battered old white van stopped in front of our house. 70’s music blasting, a guy about 50, beefy, tattooed and balding, in old white t-shirt and jeans, looking like the sort you don’t want to mess with, emerged from the van. Okay, can you picture the guy? BUT there was something else in the van. He had one stylish little accessory with him that will destroy the image we’ve just conjured. This something was a tiny, cute, fluffy Yorkshire terrier on a red leather leash!!! That’s your French macho! You see this so frequently, tough looking guys, guys who look like successful business man (you know the long swinging d*** kind of guy), walking minute, wide eyed, dinky, fluffy dogs. I think this is so funny… oh, I love living here :)…


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