Musings about coursework

4 June 2010

What is it about coursework? You are glued to the computer for weeks, you get stressed, you’ve got the deadline approaching and start living in a universe ruled by people who have written something about your topic. Everyday-things like buying food or toilet paper are done in a rush and just disturb the train of thought that is thundering through your head. Yes, I have had weeks where I immensely enjoyed the total immersion into my subject and the feeling of working productively in a peak state for hours on end without realizing the passage of time. I guess it’s those phases that leave me with a positive feeling about studying (and made me go back to it despite having vowed after my BSc NEVER to do this kind of thing again). Oh, and I have learned so much in the meantime. I suppose it helps to write about a topic that is positive. I researched about emotional intelligence and that has definitely had a motivating effect on me — I think researching into topics like, for example, war crime, experiences of illegal immigrants or climate change would have been a lot more depressing.
My family have been super. Linus, the star, has of course helped me with computer problems and on occasion cooked dinner for us. Lucy has been fab, surprising me with lovingly prepared breakfast. I used to start working around 6am and Lucy would sometimes turn up around 9 o’clock with a tray laden with porridge, tea and a slice of my special sugar free (I mean free of any added white sugar) delicious fruitcake. (I had created this recipe to keep myself from eating too many sweets.) She also volunteered to watch a lot of TV :). It came in rather handy that Lucy has developed a passion for reading Harry Potter books and watching the films. What used to be an obsession with horses has now turned into a mad fascination with all things related to Hogwarts and sorcery. So she spent literally hours on the sofa just devouring books, drawing pictures of the main characters, and creating a Harry Potter card game. She can also cite (verbatim) some dialogues from the first and second Harry Potter movie. I think it’s great that children dive into things like that an totally lose themselves in there, I remember going through phases like that when I was little. (In fact, I think I may also be just emerging from one of those…?)
My DIY hero has been absolutely wonderful too. Despite being busy at work and having to put in lots of hours, he sacrificed the whole of last weekend to proof read my draft. I don’t think it was that bad, it was just a lengthy piece of work and thus took some time to read. (120 pages, 160+ references.) Rolf has also been helping me with the formatting, graphs, and all things related to ‘aesthetics of layout’ (I’m sure there must be a better word for this, but you get what I mean) of the work. My marvellous man! But enough of acceptance speeches, there is more to be said, I mean, I haven’t blogged for almost four weeks! So I am going to start another one right now.


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