Happy… and stepping into the sun blinking

2 June 2010

I have just emerged from 4 weeks in the dark cave! About 10 minutes ago, I finally submitted the labour of love that is my dissertation and I have spent the last 7 minutes jumping round the flat and pestering Lucy with outbursts of — oh, several expressions of emotions and I am now so pleased not to have to spend another 10 or more hours in front of the computer tomorrow, but to have the rest of this day off, as well as tomorrow and oh, the day after too! Just had to share this with the world, I will be back for more soon, once I have slept and got my over active brain gets back into normal gear again. Blasted, the fishfingers for the kids just turned black! I better go before the kitchen catches fire…

2 Responses to “Happy… and stepping into the sun blinking”

  1. Marion Says:

    Fantastic!!!! I was waiting for that! Looking forward to have you over here in July and to read your blog again to brighten my day!
    Well done!

  2. birolilu Says:

    Hey Marion, thanks for that, please DO read the blog, I need your expert advice again… can’t wait to come to sunny Britain, Bx

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