I’ve been to…

26 April 2010

TESTOSTERONE CORNER!!! Yes, it’s great. In fact, I have been many-a-time, but I feel compelled to write about it today. I am convinced that there are similar corners all over Lyon and in fact all over the Mediterranean countries. Our own neighbourhood testosterone corner is an outdoor fitness space for teenage age upwards on the banks of the Rhone. This is right next to a playground, so I get to sit there and watch life frequently when I take Lucy. It’s a great display of huge biceps, six packs, small tops and tight pants, (sometimes) hairy backs and the air is thick with male chauvinism. I love it :). Mostly it’s guys between 20 and 30 I’d say, who do press-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, karate kicks, stretching, shadow boxing …. you name it, they do it, as long as it involves showing off muscle and incredible endurance. They watch each other closely, they compete… and they look around very frequently to make sure that people passing by are admiring them. I like sitting there training my tummy muscles by laughing about all this. If you ever make it to Lyon, let me take you on a warm summers’ evening to testosterone corner. As long as you’re female, you can admire the scene, nobody expects you to do anything but watch mesmerized. If you are male and over 40, you’re past it anyway, so that’s okay, you can relax too. If you’re under 40, better get that stamina up and grow some muscle, because you might just suddenly want to join the hunk crowd and be part of that scene… 🙂


2 Responses to “I’ve been to…”

  1. birgefamily Says:

    Please take photographs!!!!!!!
    We don’t have this here, they just play frisbee and soccer – boring stuff.
    so, maybe just one nice little photo for us?

  2. birolilu Says:

    Yep, will do, just for you :). Passed by TC today on the way home from the park and some guys were doing synchronized press-ups on one leg (each that is…but still using both arms…;) ). Impressive, but I had not got a camera with me! Boy, how I love living in town where people don’t have private gardens to hide in :)…I’ll take that picci next time I go.

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