A quick hello

21 April 2010

…before I get back to the grindstone. We still have our visitors, because like so many other thousands and thousands of people all around the world, Marion and her daughter are stuck abroad. They were supposed to fly home last Saturday, now they are hoping to be on the flight this Friday. It’s all booked and the airport in Lyon reopened last night, so there’s hope. The good thing is that due to the delay they have more time to explore Lyon. Apart from doing a lot of sightseeing in Lyon, Marion and I have sat in a lot of cafés, getting high on these short strong coffees which make you sweat and tremble, enjoying the sunshine (wearing big sunglasses of course). I have also shown Marion some of the local food markets. We’re living and eating well here :). But the kids have fun too. We all went to a place called Acrobranche the other day, which is an outdoor climbing course and everybody enjoyed it. I have vowed to do more of these things now, because I am progressively becoming afraid of heights. The children really took the mickey on the Eiffel Tower, sticking their heads, hands or legs through the mesh of the fence and calling ‘Look mum, what I am doing!’ … Beasts!! 🙂 This kind of thing freaks me, because it gives me the utterly irrational fear they might fall. On top of that the height makes me feel uncomfortable. I never used to be like that so this needs to be tackled. I think the natural antidote will be to learn to climb. I am looking into into that now and I am planning to start climbing, maybe in June. There are brilliant opportunities to climb indoors as well as outdoors in and around Lyon, and the children love it, so it might be a good sport for the whole family. That is, if I can get Rolf to do it too, he is not convinced it’s for him…. yet ;).

After a few days (max. 14 I would say) of spring weather, it seems that Summer has now arrived in Lyon and we have a pleasant 25 degrees during the day. I am surprised how quickly this has happened. It feels like Summer, the air is getting pretty hot already and very dry too along with this distinct ‘summer smell’. We also have to close our shutters to keep the heat out and I am looking forward to a Summer that lasts until October. At least that’s what I have been told. There might be a few rainy days in May, but that should be it until Autumn. Oh, and the children can’t wait to bathe in the lakes. Linus took his first bath yesterday in the lake at Parc Miribel Jonage. Involuntarily though. He slipped and fell in while doing silly things, I was told. I personally wasn’t there to witness it, they were out and about with Marion and I was home doing work. But (no surprises here) he very much enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to more of the same, maybe next time we might take his swimming trunks 🙂


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