We’ve done the tourist thing in Paris

12 April 2010

and we absolutely adore the city. We met up with the guys from Ascot on Saturday morning and did some sightseeing together: A boat tour on the Seine, the Tuileries, the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou (we didn’t queue up for the exhibitions though, we just enjoyed the foyers of the buildings) and lots of walking around town without any particular aim. It’s fab that they are just as laid back about sightseeing as we are, together we made it a very relaxing weekend with lots of time for coffee, ice cream and all those other important things in life :). Oh, and we obviously granted Lucy her special wish, a visit to the Eiffel Tower with a trip up to the top. That was very special indeed, particularly as the Paris Marathon was on on Sunday and we could watch it from very high up. And I love Paris, I never thought I would, I thought there would only be room in my heart for good old London, but no, I want to go again, hopefully soon-ish, to visit Père Lachaise and see the graves of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison, I want to wander more around town and marvel at the stylish people and hustle and bustle. We visited Paris at a time when I had just started to think that Lyon is not that big after all and our visit has just confirmed my feeling…. Lyon is a great place with even better (and much cheaper) food than Paris, but it just doesn’t have the same …. umph (I can’t think of a more apt word here).
By the way, we happened to bump into friends on our way to the Hotel on Sunday night! We stood at a crossroads waiting for the lights to turn green when suddenly someone honked and waved madly at us. It was Lucy’s friend and her mum who also happened to be in Paris this weekend. I was so pleased to see them, because I hadn’t seen them in Lyon in a few weeks and had been wondering how they were doing….So it was good to catch up with them in Paris :). Isn’t the world wonderfully big and small at the same time?


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