Belated Happy Easter!

9 April 2010

I hope you all had a good one! Ours was really nice, we were busy bees and the weather was superb. We did not make it to Germany this year because the children were not on holiday over Easter, their spring holiday starts today. Although we felt a bit funny about not celebrating with the family in Germany as we normally do, we had a good time. I found it very odd though, that Good Friday is a normal working day in France.
Nevertheless, we did the proper Easter thing with coloured eggs.

The Easter bunny even managed to hop up the stairs to the first floor and to hide eggs in our flat. Lucy was extremely excited and up and about at 7am on Easter Sunday to collect all the eggs she could find. She tried to get Linus to join her, but 7am is not really a time when he is alert or able to move, so we had to find the eggs without him. Lucy hid them again, though, so Linus could find them again later. Not that he was that interested, but Lucy was and she had fun :).
We had more Easter egg hunts on Sunday afternoon and Monday. The one on Sunday was particularly lovely, we had been invited to a multi-national picnic in park that is traditionally organised on Easter Sunday by a German girl who lives in Lyon. Since it was a perfect day for a picnic, this was a huge success. We all brought eggs along to hide and then we let the kids loose to find them. There must have been about 20+ excited children going mad and trying to find the goodies, that was really sweet. On Monday we went for a stroll in the woods with Iris, Alexander and their children and as if by magic we found more chocolate eggs in the woods! Afterwards we went to the house of one of Lucy’s friends for coffee. This was fab, as the house is overlooking Lyon and we could see the Mont Blanc in the distance. Beautiful! So much more vista than the concrete we see out of our windows. But then, Lucy’s friend lives in the countryside and although I was so impressed with the house and its location, I think I would feel a bit lonely out of town in a very quiet village. At least here in Lyon I find people I can talk to in other languages than French 🙂 !
I can’t believe Easter is over now, but we have more nice things planned for the holidays. We’re going to Paris on the TGV tomorrow morning to meet Lucy’s friend Rebekah from Ascot and her parents. Oh, we’re excited. It’s years and years since I have been to Paris. Lucy wants to climb the Eiffel tower. I hope we get there alright, because, as you will guess, there is another public transport strike going on, but things are supposed to return to normal as of today. So I am hoping we will be able to catch our ridiculously early train at 7.15 tomorrow morning. All being well we will arrive in Paris at 9.30, in time for breakfast. Isn’t that great?
We have no proper sightseeing plans for Paris, I have been too busy with my studies this week and so has Rolf. Apart from losing a week’s worth of work last week, the software I am using to analyse my data kept crashing all this week. So Rolf, the DIY man in my life, came to my rescue yet again and had an intense email exchange with the writer of the software and together they managed to debug the software. I am extremely grateful for those computer guys in my life…Hadn’t it been for them, I suppose I would have had to resort to doing my research on paper… And I am sure I would have missed my deadline. Now I am still living in hope to just make it. It will be difficult though, because there is distraction looming everywhere and I will have to plan meticulously: Next week, our friends Marion and Shana are coming to visit, hoorah! and then it’s another weeks’ holiday for the children, so less time for me to get things done. I have booked them in for three afternoons of climbing and they really like that. Me too, because it will give me three hours in the afternoon to get my work done. I am sooo tempted to go away, though. I found a nice campsite by the Gorge du Verdon, but I have to be good and must not give into temptation until June.

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