Good news…

29 March 2010

we have yet survived another strike and what’s better: WE GET WHAT WE WANT!!! The ministry has this morning decided to reinstate the wonderful M B. until the summer holidays. That’s fantastic news, because it means that he can carry on developing the school for his -hopefully equally capable- successor. Because he will be leaving the school for Canada in the summer :(. But I am hopeful that his successor will be chosen carefully after all the hassle we have had. But then… you never know, there maybe some civil servant in the queue whose promotion is overdue… sorry, this is cynical but this seems to be the way things work. At least Linus will be back at school tomorrow, and I expect no more severe strike action until the summer holidays. I was planning to make a little table to keep track of all the strikes we have had since we arrived here… But no, that’s just a tad too nerdy for me. Just to recap, within the school there have been two massive strikes that lasted up to a week, and about 4 (I think) minor strikes that lasted for just one day. I honestly have lost count of all the other strikes, such as public transport strikes, we have had in that period. When we first arrived and were told by the head of the English section that he had witnessed 35 strikes within the three years he had been in France I was so impressed. I am not impressed anymore. I am sure I will easily see 35 strikes happening within the next 2 1/2 years.
But that’s France for you, I suppose, it doesn’t have its reputation for nothing :).

PS: If you want to read all about this, this is the link to the latest article on the whole affair in our local paper, Le Progrès.


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