We’re almost there

26 March 2010

…. we are on the fast lane to getting our carte vitale it seems! We haven’t got one yet, but today we received a letter saying that we are entitled to receive healthcare! Hoorah, I feel a million dollars :). It is just so reassuring to know that we are definitely in the system and that we get reimbursed should we fall ill. So now I can start making appointments with the dentist or the orthodontist (for Linus, not for me) as I please. The amazing thing is that all the information they are holding about us seems to be correct. All the names correctly spelled, all the dates of birth right. I feel like mentioning this because Iris once had a letter from the securite sociale telling her that unfortunately they had to change her name and date of birth on the system…. It seems like you can obtain a new identity via your health insurance if you are lucky :).

I hope we are also almost there in terms of the school strike. Linus is still at home, there was a massive demonstration outside the rectorat today, and it looks like the strike might well carry on into the next week, unless the responsible minister (yes, the whole affair has now gone up a level) deals with it today. I feel a bit bad that I didn’t go to the demonstration myself (I sent some emails to the rectorat though), but I am up to my eyeballs in work for my masters. My man, who is not just a toilet-fixing, parking-space-sniping, DIY hero, but also a terribly critical researcher with a brain that works so much more analytically than mine, has highlighted some serious shortcomings in my sampling. So I am back to review what I did back in January and, alas, unable to ramble on: it’s back to the grindstone. Why, oh why do I keep doing these things. I will not study again, ever (I think).


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