‘Ich wohne hier.’ ‘Aber doch nicht um diese Zeit!’ (Pappa ante portas)

24 March 2010

I felt like in a Loriot film today. When I came back from the local market about half nine this morning Linus opened the door. I was so shocked to see him — the boy should have been at school — that I forgot to collect my bike from downstairs (my bike lives in our flat, I am too worried about it being stolen from the entrance hall of the house). Guess what the reason was! YES, another strike because by a weird twist of fate the old proviseur, who was suspended from his job in September is back in school! He came unannounced, was basically dumped on the school without official notice and the new, incredibly capable proviseur had to leave his office at school today. He is being posted to Canada anyway. So, understandably, we are all in a bit of a state and the French reaction is naturally to go on strike. I hope this doesn’t carry on for as long as the last one. At the moment I feel we are living in a soap opera and I hope to wake up one morning and find myself in the real world where my son’s school is run properly by someone who knows his job.
Even Linus would now prefer to be back at school, he is not happy about the prospect of spending yet more time at home, when he should be at school. At least this might teach him to appreciate the lessons he actually has :).
I took both children for a haircut. Lucy went into the salon wearing her inline skates which looked very odd, but luckily the girls didn’t mind that. They didn’t even collapse with laughter when I asked them in French if they had time to cut the horses. Sorry, these things still happen to me… The kids laughed, though.
There was more confusion to come when I attempted to cook lunch. I managed to burn meringues I tried to defrost in the microwave. When the defrosting time was up, they were close to bursting into flames in the microwave. I had been so sure I programmed it alright! In my defense I have to say that I only bought this wonderful apparatus about a week ago and it came without a manual (it’s from the guys who run the shop downstairs). Although we did not eat the meringue, Linus loved the burnt smell. He said it reminded him of our house in Bouldish Farm Road, where he used to start fires in the garden with magnifying glasses. Ahhh, aren’t young children wonderful?

There were a few more things today that were very odd – like me getting extremely worried that Linus had got lost on the way home from the park, when he was actually sitting in his room, but I won’t go into detail… if you want to know, ring me, I’ll tell you all about it (… if I can remember 🙂 ). I am just glad today is over.

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