Good-bye to our cute lodger

21 March 2010

For as long as we have been living here, we have had a discreet little lodger sharing our kitchen. Though he/she was extremely quiet, well behaved and didn’t take much of our food at all, he couldn’t help but leaving little traces behind and that’s why we wanted to rid ourselves of him.

Besides being quiet, this little lad had been very clever, in fact we had started calling him ‘Jerry’, because he managed to munch all the Nutella off a trap without getting caught. With hindsight I am pleased, because I hate the thought of killing furry little things that have big eyes (I draw the line at rats though, but then, they are not little…)

Last night, we eventually managed to catch him in a life trap imported from the UK by Rolf. The children are very excited, of course wanting to keep him, but I will take him for a little excursion to the Rhône now and set him free there. I had to promise Linus though to memorise the spot where I release him, in case that we should catch more members of his family. Linus wants to see them reunited in the wild, you see.
Children can be so caring and compassionate. Lucy tried to feed the mouse more Nutella and cheese. Unsurprisingly, the little thing was so stressed and worried about survival that the thought of touching the food didn’t cross his mind.

PS: Just returned from the wild. Mouse was off, taking huge jumps and looking for shelter, while under immediate threat from not from a hungry hawk but a sparrow (!) who attacked it. I hope it was as harmless as these huge dogs that leap up to you barking and that, according to their owners, really only want to play with you…

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