Surprise, surprise

2 March 2010

We arrived back in Lyon last night and I can honestly say, I am pleased to be back, because IT’S SPRING IN LYON!!!! Hoorah. We left a grey, rainy and blustery Germany yesterday morning and arrived about 10 1/2 later in Lyon where it was lovely and mild. This morning we woke up to a bright blue sky and sunshine and there is a lot of spring in the air here. We have catapulted ourselves into the daily routine, I have done mountains of washing, the kids are back at school and Rolf is at work, and it’s so nice to be back. For the time being, I am definitely on an up again about being in France. It is starting to feel like home. Oh, and we had a lovely surprise in the letterbox last night: our very own copy of our RENTAL AGREEMENT!! It’s arrived… we’ve only lived here for six months and now we even have the piece of paper to prove that we live here. I am so pleased. Could it be that the same thing might happen with our carte vitale? Maybe all we have to do is go on holiday and things miraculously work out? I will ask Rolf tonight if we can go on another holiday, somewhere sunny, not for our own pleasure, but to speed up the bureaucracy.


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