Still in the sun

26 February 2010

Just a quick last post from the island… we’re still here, but only just, because we’re flying back to Germany tomorrow :(. It’s so nice here and so warm, I dread thinking about returning to the winter in Germany. I hope spring is on its way in France, but we shall see on Monday.

Today Linus and I went snorkeling. It was a first for both of us and a great experience. It’s funny though to see these little and big fellas swimming about and thinking that they (or their immediate relatives) might end up on our buffet in the evening. I felt a bit awkward about eating fish tonight. They look so much better when they’re swimming about in the sea than in sauce….

Linus got the chance to steer the boat on our way back to the beach. He thoroughly enjoyed hitting the waves at full speed – we had a pretty bumpy ride. I almost fell out of the boat and an American tourist who had come out with us on the trip was sick on our return to dry land. Our guide blamed it on all the seawater the guy had swallowed. I kept an open mind :). Linus would love to own a boat. I wouldn’t mind either. We just shouldn’t give rides to young tourists from Nebraska….

Lucy is turning into a mermaid here, she spends most of her time in the hotel pool and I am worried that she might develop webbed feet and hands. So for a bit of a change we took her on a walk in the dunes today. That was pretty cool too. We had a competition of who could jump furthest off a big dune and in the end Lucy declared herself olympic gold medal winner of the dune jumping competition. (She is in an olympic frame of mind at the moment, she is a great fan of the ski-jumping). She only  won the competition though, because she makes the rules. It’s like playing ‘Calvin ball’ – you can’t win because the rules change every time you jump and you don’t know what they are going to be….But I wasn’t trying too hard anyway…:)

I am off to bed now, this morning Rolf and I got up very early for a swim in the sea, it’s lovely to watch the sun rise when you’re in the water.  We’re planning to do the same thing tomorrow morning. We also saw a pretty blue fish and found a cool sun hat. It looks really good, but boy, it reeks like it has swum all the way across the Atlantic from Morocco. We only noticed the odour once we took it inside. I have kept it anyway to see if a bit of bleach treatment rids it of the smell. Have ever told you that I like stupid challenges? This surely is one…


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