Greetings from the island

23 February 2010

Abrupt change of scenery for us! This post is coming from Fuerteventura. NO snow in sight, thank goodness, just blue skies and lovely seaside. We’re here with Rolf’s parents and it’s wonderful to forget about the horrible winter weather here. What can  I say? Life is sweet and I want to settle here and open a chippy on the beach. Then again, life might get boring after a while if all you do is deep fry all sorts of food for tourists and have blazing sunshine all the time with hardly any rain at all….

So, just to keep it short and sweet, a few pics from our holidays and more written stuff soon. AH, just one thing. We are staying in a great hotel, I even had a bottle of bubbly thanks to the kind staff for my birthday! Our rooms face the sea and are super comfy and clean, but there is the evening entertainment. This is truly DIABOLICAL! It’s like one of those nightmare wedding-bands that haunt your dreams for days after listening to them…Linus and I are feeling slightly nauseous. Think James Last in the making… but if you want to use the internet in the hotel, you have no choice but to endure the music. I have made Linus promise never to join a band like that. They are taking a break right now so we finish this post and return to the safety of our rooms….


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