Silly fun

12 February 2010

What a busy time we’ve had! Rolf had a tummy bug last week. Once he had recovered, Lucy got it Thursday night and Linus followed suit on Friday. Luckily, I  didn’t go down with it, although I felt awfully queasy, too. But someone has to operate the washing machine and so I got a cold instead of that tummy bug :). That was fine with me, I rather have a cold… With both children off school I was stuck at home on Friday which meant that I missed a lunch with all the library mums. Luckily, the children weren’t too bad. We even had the energy to write a silly email to Steve Wright at BBC2. He actually read it out during his afternoon show. You can listen to it here (radio.mp3), thanks to Linus who was so excited, he recorded the show. These things are a great cure if you feel a bit bad and need a distraction… We had more silly fun yesterday, when Lucy dressed up for school (it is carnival!) as Pippi Longstocking. Her outfit was authentic, including bright orange hair. The bad thing about this hair colour spray is that it rubs off to any piece of skin or clothing in reach. So Lucy looked super when she got home… not as bad though as last year, when she had insisted on having  black hair. She was Heidi (like in the animated series). She came home after school looking like a chimney sweep or a character out of Heidi and the Living Dead. That black colour was extremely difficult to get off the skin, and she had an ashen look about her for a few days afterwards. This year she’s fine, the orange gives her a healthy glow :).

But this was just preparation for even more silly fun. We’re going to Germany tomorrow to celebrate carnival for a bit more. Lucy’s princess’s costume is ready to wear, so her grandma tells me. I spoke to my sister today, she was slightly hung over, but in good spirits, as she had had a seriously good time out last night dressed up as a nurse (…of all things! She and her friends even won a price for their costumes). So all we have to do is get there in one piece to join the festivities. The snow is still very bad in Germany and I think that we might need snow chains for the car, as the roads round where my family live do not get cleared properly any more. There is too much snow. But we are determined, I have a red Afro wig waiting for me there to keep my ears warm as we watch the parade, so we simply have to make it.


One Response to “Silly fun”

  1. Scot W. Stevenson Says:

    Now I’m never going to get “Heidi and the Living Dead” out of my head =8).

    Heidi, Heidi
    Deine Welt sind die Zombies
    Heidi, Heidi
    Denn bei denen bist Du zu Haus’
    Dunkler Auswurf
    Kettensägen im Mondesschein
    Heidi, Heidi
    Brauchst Du zum Glücklichsein
    Holla-Di-Hü …

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