I want…

4 February 2010

A CARTE VITALE!!! But we are not having one just yet, bureaucray is in the way. I have now decided not to wait for slow state employees to file our papers and decide to issue our cartes vitales in say, three years time. No, I am trying a bit of pestering power and visit the office for social security on a regular basis. We live very close by, which is handy. I went yesterday, only to be told that all the computers were down. I was advised to come again the next day or even the day after, the computers could be down indefinitely. So I thought next time I come, I want to bring a stack of documents plus passport photographs so they have all the paperwork and can issue the cards maybe a little sooner. Coming from England where there is a pack for everything, I foolishly assumed that they had a list of the required documents for people applying for a carte vitale. But no, the gentleman I spoke to did not know about the existence of such a list, but he knew somebody who was acquainted with the contents of a grey cabinet of drawers. This man might be in the know, there might be the right piece of paper in one of the drawers!!! Even this knowlegeable man was not able to supply me with a list, but advised me to ring the number of our mutuelle, (this is our private ‘supplementary insurance’) as they were the ones dealing with our dossier. When I did I  was told that  social security are the ones I need to talk to. In fact, I have to obtain some paperwork from social security so we can fully register with the mutuelle. I went back to social security today. The outcome: ZERO, NIENTE. I shall go again tomorrow…. The man at accueil already knows me, the weird lady who speaks in alien tongues :). The trick is to get past him in order to speak to someone who can help.

I want…

the bailiffs to stop sending threatening letters to Rolf. These still appear at regular intervals in the aftermath of the identity fraud saga we had in the autumn. Rolf really has enough on this plate and does not need the extra hassle, but since they have been threatening to take legal action now, he had to contact the telephone provider who initiated the process yet again. I don’t know how many times he has spoken to them and their fraud team, but somehow they did not stop the legal proceedings. Anyway we are hopeful that things are eventually sorted now.

I also want…. our van to be fixed. It smells of diesel on the inside and I spent a frustrating  hour with a mechanic at the garage today, trying to explain what was wrong with the car. He did get what I was saying fairly quickly, but boy, the paperwork!! For a simple repair he completed two different forms with 4 copies each and had to stamp all eight documents. I can just marvel at all the documents they produced in France. Who needs them? Who reads them? Who files them?

I was not in a cheerful mood when I returned from the garage.  I am also not on best form today, I didn’t go to bed until 2 am last night ( I was at a girlie dinner at a friends house, she is Spanish and had cooked all this gorgeous Spanish food) and we just talked and talked. I still had to get up at 7 this morning. As it’s been a while since I was twenty and used to stay up late, I am just a bit grumpy today. Feeling like that, I knew the next thing I wanted….

a haircut! Ideally I should have done other things, but I was in dire need of a lift of spirit and a good haircut can do just that for me. I did not go to see Serge and his toothy smile again, but went to another salon. The girl who did my hair was absolutely lovely. She looked a bit…. British? Large, dangly, sparkly earrings, heaps of bling and tatoos, black hair with blonde highlights, she was great. She chatted with me in French. We just nattered, which I don’t normally do with hairdressers, but she was like a breath of fresh air and made me feel so at ease after the garage experience.

To finish off, I want

to find my sunglasses! Yes, we have a bit of spring in the air, the sky has been cloudless and blue for two days now, the sun is shining and although it is freezing cold at night, the days feel a lot warmer and the birds are singing. So it’s time to dig out those shades and hope that winter is on its way out. Lucy and I were in the park yesterday, walking Zino and chatting with Sandra. Lucy was almost drawn into the lake … she now knows to let go of the leash when the dog is desperate to take a bath :).

But that’s it. Oh, one last thing I want to pass on…

I just learned this week that women tend to regard men as hairy women. I also learned that there are women who are ‘frog farmers’. If you want to know all about this, listen to the following podcast: www.personallifemedia.com ‘just for women’, look for episode 5, Alison Armstrong. I found this very interesting 🙂 I pick up  girlie stuff like that when I do library service at school….

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