31 January 2010

We had a good one! The DIY superhero managed to fix the stubborn curtain rail! Apart from that, we went to a fab restaurant near the opera house last night and had some exciting food. We had booked a table at the place in rue Royale the night before – I had seen a restaurant in that road which looked rather tempting, but I had forgotten its name. Since I like to consult the almighty internet, I did a Google search to find the place. Google came up with a restaurant called La Gargotte and we booked a table there. The reviews were also good. So the four of us went to this place on Saturday night (to celebrate the good school reports the children had had back in December), only to find that this was not the place I had had in mind. Clever Birgit had failed to notice that there are many restaurants on rue Royale…:). Anyway, Rolf had booked a table under the name of Robert (they hadn’t caught his name properly) and we had some experimental but nevertheless gorgeous food. I, for example, had fish soup with cheese ravioli for starters, Rolf/ Robert had foie gras with lentils. I didn’t try that, but I was told it was very tasty. It was only when we left the restaurant that we noticed that the place had been recommended in the French restaurant guide Gault Millau for a number of years running. So no wonder the food was very good, the service was excellent and I would very much like to go back, they change their menue every week and judging by what we tasted yesterday, it’s always full of surprises. Another surprise was the heavy snowfall that had set in while we were eating. It was so lovely that we walked all the way home along the Rhone, the kids and Rolf had a snowballfight, Linus made an eagle in the snow and we all enjoyed skidding on the snow. We didn’t get home until about half past eleven, but even Lucy, altough very tired, made it without complaining because she was so excited.

Today we had a lovely German couple together with their Golden Retriever, Zino, over for lunch. This was pretty improvised, I had only invited them late last night on our way home and on a whim. Just to clarify, they weren’t strangers we bumped into on the way home: I met the girl at one of the conversation classes  I attend and I liked her a lot, she is so positive about Lyon, although they haven’t had an easy start. Just the vibes I need… As I didn’t have time to go shopping this morning, I just raided the fridge and cooked a pumpkin soup followed by potato gratin with salad and a cheese cake for pudding.

Zino, the dog, was a huge success with Lucy. Zino is a seven year old, slightly overweight Golden Retriever with a friendly and stoic disposition and he was the perfect playmate for Lucy this afternoon. She did not leave his side and loved holding his leash when we went out for a walk… I have never seen Lucy walk for three hours without complaining in the least. And she was just as tired as the dog after the walk, they both lay down on the floor in our living room, Zino placed one of his paws on Lucy’s leg and, looking each other in the eyes, they almost fell asleep there. Lucy now wants to share her bedroom not just with a live pony, but also with a dog of her own. If she had her way, the room would be very crowded. I don’t see us purchasing either of the animals in the near future. But Lucy can take Zino for walks in the park on Wednesdays, and that’s wonderful for her.

By the way, I have now found a French Yoga class. The lady who teaches it is shockingly fit and toned (she must be about ten years older than me) and after the first class, I was in pain for three days. My muscles are now returning to feeling normal and I am looking forward to next Thursday, my second session with her, and the subsequent pain. One session, three days of pain: It’s good value for money! The class was held exclusively in French. Pretty difficult, but at least I had practiced most of the poses with my previous teacher in Britain, so I was able to follow the class without too much trouble.

I can’t believe the weekend’s over already, only two weeks until carnival and us going to Germany. I hope the snow chaos there eases until then. Otherwise Lucy will be a pretty cold princess…

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