Ladies and gentleman… today’s DIY disaster

27 January 2010

Rolf and I have been talking about window dressing in our living room for a while now. It is not straightforward with our windows: They are not a standard size, our curtains need to be at least three meters long and we have a problem with fixing rails because of one window frame is situated very close to a corner of the room and also because of the (nice looking) molding we have on our ceilings.  After a couple of evenings’ surfing the net and talking through different options, we finally found a solution to our problem.

Today Lucy and I set out on an Ikea trip to buy the curtains and the rails. A few hours and about 100 Euros later (yeah, can you ever leave Ikea without extras that you did not intend to buy? I always fall into the Ikea trap. They are very clever in how they present their goodies), we had purchased a pair of curtains that came close to what I wanted to buy (the ones I wanted had sold out) and a completely different set of curtain rails. I hadn’t been able to resist: It looked to me as if the system would be a lot more attractive than our agreed plan of how to hang the curtains.

So, since I had changed the plan without consulting my man first, I thought it might be a clever idea to convince him by putting up the curtains and letting the aesthetically pleasing result speak for itself… But it wasn’t meant to be: I have spent all afternoon trying to put up two curtain rails. The walls are not too hard, so I used the power drill first. But then, the screws did not pass my personal safety test and  just popped out of the holes again. Out came the hammer drill. Deeper holes and rawlplugs had to be the solution to my problem… or so  I thought. Eventually I managed to fix one of the two curtain rails (and yes, it is aesthetically pleasing) but along the way I also managed to smash a really nice glass cylinder that Rolf is fond of. This cylinder has been with us since we left Germany many years ago and has survived all our moves. What our moves haven’t done, my DIY has achieved… I am not happy. I hope curtain rail number one is still up tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. I will leave the stubborn rail number two for my crafty DIY hero husband to fix. And yes, I cooked a yummy dinner and also made a really nice pudding tonight… 🙂

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