Mini sold at auction

23 January 2010

Well, the Mini is finally out of our hands. After advertising it in a large used car magazine in the UK and getting a fairly poor response, I decided on Tuesday to drive it to Blackbushe Airfield, where they hold regular auctions. It was straightforward to register it for the auction and I left it there. Today the auction took place. We didn’t get as much as we hoped, but I guess it can’t be helped. It’s just one of the items on the cost side of having moved to France. We’ll write off the loss and turn our minds back to the long list on the benefit side. Thanks to Marion and Norbert for looking after the car in the past few weeks and for putting me up in their house again.

There’s a wee story to how I got away from Blackbushe. The nearest train station is Fleet, and I set out to walk the four miles or so, but since neither the weather nor the stretch of the road were particularly attractive, I held out my hitchhiking thumb. I didn’t expect much, as the British generally have a bad reputation among hitchhikers. But hey, the third car stopped. The driver was a young army officer on vacation from his posting in Germany. We had a good natter and he dropped me right at the train station, just in time to catch the London train.

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