Today they served beer in the canteen

22 January 2010

Hi, it’s Rolf again for a change. Just a quick post on a nice culture contrast I experienced today. My contract with my previous employer, Imperial College, contained a clause that strictly forbade the consumption of alcoholic drinks during work hours. My new employer part-sponsors a beer when the time is right. The canteen was serving a German-themed lunch today: Sauerkraut with two kinds of sausage, meat and potatoes, so what’s more fitting than offering beer with that. It was popular, too — but, judging by the amounts consumed, my French colleagues really chose it for the taste, not for the disinhibiting effect on the central nervous system that among the inhabitants of the island we left behind seems to be the dominant motivator for imbibing fermented beverages.

Good news: that paper I’ve been moaning about before in this place because it was taking up inordinate amounts of my time and energy has FINALLY been accepted for publication.

And please wish me luck on two fronts: I’ll be moderating the Language Clinic for the first time, and the Mini is going to auction. Both are happening tomorrow… explanations and outcomes to be written up on the weekend… watch this space.

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