Steppin’ out with my son…and another thing

16 January 2010

I have been out with my son! Rolf is in Ascot and London, working his heart out as he has been doing for weeks now. (I hope things calm down for him a bit soon! ) Lucy is at a sleepover at her friend Sophie’s house. This is not a date that was arranged for fun, no, it is to prepare a presentation for school. The topic: Horses/ponies. Would you have guessed that the girls would volunteer to talk about this topic? ;). This presentation will be in French, so I wonder how Lucy will fare, but I reckon it will increase her confidence in French a lot. In preparation for the sleepover, Lucy packed her whole collection of ‘Schleich horses’ (they are real-life looking plastic horses) and the stable to house them. I reckon they have to act out horse scenes as part of the research :).

So the house seemed a bit lonely tonight and I thought that Linus and I should go out. We went to the cinema near Place Bellecour to watch the original English version of Avatar in 3D avec sous-titres en francais.  That was excellent for me, I could practise my French when they were translating the Na’vi language into French. Linus loved the film, I thought it was pretty amazing and captivating, although I am not normally into watching fantasy stuff. The plot is also rather predictable and typical American. In a nutshell:  good people under threat from bad guys and the hero turning from traitor into saviour. Big, drawn out fighting scene at the end with lots of fireworks. The whole films runs over 2 3/4 hours, but the time passes super rapide. And it was funny to see the whole cinema wearing 3D glasses, just like back in the late 70s, when we were wearing these slightly less sophisticated cardboard glasses with one green and one red glass to watch crazy monster films in black and white on the telly. Ah, I loved that. Now 3D is a completely different experience (although the glasses are still uncomfortable, that hasn’t changed)  and the magical fantasy world they have created for Avatar is so beautiful. I went to see the film without knowing much about it.  I still called it ‘Atavar’ until yesterday. Linus honestly thought I was taking the mickey :). I wasn’t.

Part of the fun of going out for me is always this fab feeling of living in a big town. Going out at night is just very different from going out in Ascot, where you have to take the car and drive through pretty much deserted roads  down to Bracknell to the depressingly dull mulitplex cinema. I know what I prefer! Actually, let me just share my perfect retirement vision with you, because I still adore country life. I would like to own two residences. One in a quiet rural location, preferably a little pretty house covered in roses and with a vegetable garden and an old style flat with hight ceilings and beautiful fireplaces somewhere in an exciting town so I can have it all. If someone can tell me how to achieve this easily, please don’t be shy, share your knowledge with me.

And now I’ll share the ‘another thing’ with you. It’s very odd and it has just been happening too often in the last couple of months to be ignored. You know me, I am (still) blond, fairly tall (by French standards)  and not exactly a petite built, so I think I don’t look like a native from the South East of France. But, despite my Germanic looks, people often ask me for directions or other information. Why is this? It happens most days I am out and about. Tonight, for example, after the cinema, on a busy platform while we were waiting for the tram home, a couple picked me out to ask me about transport and I swiftly supplied them with the wrong information (I didn’t do it on purpose though!!! I  didn’t know any better). But they thanked me, walked off and I hope they made it safely to Part Dieu… the other day we were in a heaving shopping centre. People left, right and centre, and who gets asked where the toilets are? Oui, moi! This happens so frequently, I wonder what people see in me. Do I ooze confidence about the place? Do I look so like a local girl? Is  it me being middle-aged, looking all motherly and totally non-threatening? I don’t know. I don’t mind much either, I am happy to give advice, be it correct or incorrect, in my weird French and with utter confidence, but it is just strange that people tend to choose ME, even in busy places. Maybe this is the Universe telling me to work in a call centre 🙂 , or this is my past in surgical pre assessment catching up with me, too many years of making people feel cared for and easing their worries about operations… If anybody out there has an explanation, please share it with me, I am just puzzled by this phenomenon.

Now, to finish off for the night, if you’re not into esoteric stuff, PLEASE STOP READING NOW!!! I am going to talk about my Yoga experience the other day. It was an okay session, great to have it in English, but it just showed me that I have to keep looking for an inspirational teacher. I have been blessed with two great Yoga teachers in Britain, so I guess I am spoilt. I felt the teacher here  certainly knew her theory very well, but she looked as if she hadn’t ‘experienced Yoga in her own body’, or really incorporated it into her life. I need to study with someone who can teach at a different level, i.e.,  help me to explore energy flows in the body. I had a funny experience during the Yoga session, because I suddenly accessed the energy that I sometimes tapped in when I was practising karate and I realised how much I miss this amazing flow in my life and my body. So I am now on the outlook for an inspirational Yoga teacher.  I have taken swift action and emailed my old Yoga teacher in Ascot via facebook to find out which style she was teaching. Yes, I didn’t know but it didn’t matter because I felt so comfortable with her teaching straight away. She has already replied and I have now found someone teaching this style fairly close to where we live. The drawback: He is French. But I will give it a try and see how I get on in an all French Yoga class. Maybe I do not need a Yoga class in English after all?

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