Missed opportunity :(

11 January 2010

Lyon is still covered in snow. Rolf and I took a walk down to the Sunday food market by the Rhône yesterday. Lyon is completely different when covered in 20cm of snow. The roads are so much quieter, there are more people walking, and the pace of life seems to be slower. Also, people tend to greet you more, just as I feel more like saying hello to strangers. It was a really nice atmosphere, children were tobogganing on the river bank and some people even got their skies out. AND WE FORGOT THE CAMERA!!!! I am annoyed retrospectively. Today the world looks already very different, there was no more snowfall and this morning we had glorious sunshine which turned a lot of the snow into slush which subsequently, this afternoon, froze into ice. There we go. No photos of the Rhône looking fab. But there is more snow forecast later this week, so I might get another chance next weekend.

Apart from that life is good here, Lyon is not in a state of panic (like Germany was last weekend, my nephew was so scared that he did not want to go school. He lives literally 20m away from the school, but he was scared he might get snowed in on the way. ) The schools are open, we can go shopping and  the public transport is still operating.

Our family is to 3/4 healthy again, Linus and I have pretty much recovered from your throat infection and Linus was visibly happy to go back to school and see his mates today. Unfortunately now Rolf is not well – it’s tooth ache. Luckily he found a dentist close by today who provisionally fixed his problem and will sort him out properly after his trip to Britain. He is leaving at the weekend and I am relieved that he was seen to before travelling. This is it for today, short and sweet posting, I am off to bed now and I am sure I can blog some more tomorrow- I have a meeting with Linus’ French teacher in the afternoon. EXCITING 🙂 As always, we’ll keep you posted

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