Along with our last post of the year…

22 December 2009

… we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2010. We’ve been ready for the celebrations since we got our Christmas tree on Saturday. Lucy and I bought it in town, it was snowing madly and we took it home on the tram. It’s not three meters after all, but a good two meters tall. It was therefore a bit easier to manage on public transport than a really tall tree. Lucy was my helper, she carried one end, I carried the other.  I have to admit that as I get older, I appreciate Christmas more. Obviously, in childhood, Christmas is The BIG BUMPER SUPER event of the year, but during my late teens to late twenties or early thirties it didn’t do that much for me. It’s only now that I really enjoy the baking, decorating, wrapping presents and things like that. It might also be to do with Lucy who is at the perfect age to get very excited about all things christmassy. Most of all I think I am looking forward to going to Germany on the 25th. Not the long journey itself, but to see all the family and do lots of celebrating. We started celebrating last Sunday when we had an early Christmas and winter solistice dinner, our traditional (veggie) roast  with trimmings, including BS (Lucy loves those)  and Christmas crackers…. I think the solstice is well worth celebrating, because it is a true turning point: Today, when I started writing this at 7.30am, (depressingly,) it was still pitch dark outside. The sun will rise at 8:19 today and set at 16:59. But today will be 2 seconds longer than yesterday and that is good news.

I was listening to the BBC yesterday and heard all about the weather chaos in the UK, with people getting stuck on motorways or in supermarket car parks for hours on end, unable to move at all. I hope that none of you got stuck in there and I hope that all the people from school who left France last weekend made the journey without problems, particularly those travelling to the UK. Although I would have liked to spend a bit more time in Germany, I am pleased we didn’t leave at the weekend. (Besides, Rolf is still working like mad and he has worked non-stop during the weekend too.) The weather here is much warmer now, the snow is gone and I think we will be travelling in the rain rather than in the snow. Snow looks marvellous, but I feel safer driving on ground that is not frozen. Although I still hope for some snow in Germany to go tobogganing –  it has been much colder there than in Lyon.  But the current  forecast is that temperatures will rise there too before long.

Talking about hope…I hope that for all of you the new year will be exciting and inspiring. We certainly look forward to 2010 and whatever it will bring. 2009 has been a year that has been extremely busy, full of changes, new experiences and at times unsettling for us. But all in all it has been a great and remarkable year: it has been the year in which we finally left Britain! ;). I hope that in 12 months from now I will be able to write that 2010 was the year that we made France our home. That would be nice.

Take care, wherever you are and enjoy life! Lots of love to you all from us here in Lyon and we’ll be back next year.


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