Lucy dans le métro – toute seule

15 December 2009

A dream has finally come true for Lucy. She went to school all by herself yesterday, on the metro. I did not plan this, I think she is still too young to travel by herself. She set out with Linus, as usual, so they could go to school together. When they got to the metro station, Lucy went ahead and swiped herself in with her annual pass. Linus tried to do the same, but unfortunately he swiped his card twice, which automatically blocks it for a certain time. So he was stranded while Lucy hadn’t even noticed that her big brother was missing. So much for siblings looking after each other! She finally noticed that he was not there, but decided to catch the next metro. The girl has her priorities sorted: She felt she had the choice between being late and waiting for Linus, so she chose being at school on time :). She  got onto the metro and went off to school. When I got the phone call from Linus to inform me that he was stuck, I went straight there to get him organised. Luckily, the number 96 bus, which runs past the school, was there, so I put him on that. It was learning by doing, he hadn’t used that bus line before and now knows how to get to school via an additional means of public transport. So that’s a good outcome. As for Lucy, I was very worried, because I had visions of her getting off halfway along her journey to wait for Linus and all sorts of other stupid ideas. Thus I went to school on my bike just to check that she had arrived safe and sound. Luckily my girl is very clever and sensible. She had made it to school without any problems. This little episode really got me off to a great day. I got lots done for my masters, though nowhere near enough to what is necessary and what I should have done by now. Never mind, life’s too short and good things come to those who wait. Me, I am waiting for a truckload of inspiration…

Lyon is like a deep freezer at the moment. Boy, I can’t remember the cold in Ascot being so nasty. I wear lots of layers whenever I go out at the moment: hat, gloves, big scarf, the works. Luckily I bought myself a big woolly cardigan some weeks ago. Not very sexy, but my favourite garment at the moment, it keeps me nice and warm. We are expecting snow at the weekend. I have to admit that in some way I really enjoy the continental weather, it feels so right for this time of year. I find it hard to imagine though that only a few months ago, when we first arrived, the heat was so intense that all sensible Lyonnais residents had fled the city in August for pastures cooler and greener, while …… (please chose an appropriate adjective – crazy, uninititated, …? ) people like us had decided to move to this place at exactly that time :). I have to say though, I am looking forward to the hot weather again! It’s great to have both, a proper summer as well as a proper winter.

Right, I’m off to search for some recipes for even more Christmas biscuits. They seem to disappear rather quickly in this house. Linus has an ‘end of year’ (EOY) party (I hate this PC stuff, for me it’s still Christmas) at school this week and he is supposed to bring homemade (!) biscuits. By the way, in class they still call it ‘Christmas party’ it’s only outside the walls of their classroom that it’s a EOY party. Who is this PC stuff for? If anybody gets offended by Christmas, do these people matter enough to rename the festive period? I don’t think any Muslim would ever think of renaming the Eid at the end of Ramadan or Jews their Hanukkah? And I wouldn’t want them to. Why do Westerners do this kind of rubbish? Can somebody please enlighten me? I’d be very grateful.

Now that I’ve had my moan I have to  those CHRISTMAS bicuits for the CHRISTMAS party at my son’s PC school :).

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