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22 November 2009

It’s been  a while… what has happenend is this….

Rolf returned safely from England, by the sounds of it he had a great time and Marion and Norbert were wonderful hosts, but he didn’t manage to find a good-enough offer for the Mini. So the dear little car is sitting in Marion and Norbert’s drive at the moment. If you know anybody who wants to own a snazzy little car like that – get in touch 🙂

While Rolf was away, the children and I went out to Beaujolais again at the weekend, to collect those sloes (and feed the horses with carrots – that was very high on Lucy’s agenda). We managed to collect more than 2kg of the berries (Linus and Lucy figured out that this was about the equivalent of 1050 single berries – Important statistical data about your outdoor pursuits and cooking activity that you don’t want to do without 🙂 ). As we weren’t sure that the sloes had had  enough of frosty weather outside, we popped them in the freezer for a few days and now they are sitting in a big pot stewing in their own juice and water for a few days. We will make juice, but also liqueur. I have changed my mind. It’s too tempting.

While Rolf was away, we also revived the good old German custom of ‘Kaffeetrinken’ – having coffee and cake in the afternoon, about four o’ clock, at the weekend, or, if you have loads of time on your hands, even during the week. Lucy loved it, we had Lebkuchen and homemade cheese cake, lit candles’ and drank tea instead of coffee, very ‘gemütlich’. I think we will make ‘kaffeetrinken’ a habit again, at least during the dark months of the year.

We are slowly starting to think about Christmas as well. We already made ‘strawstars’ and Rolf wants to make a gingerbread house with the children again this year. I am contemplating baking biscuits. The thing with these is that no matter how many I make, they never last longer than a few days. We must be doing something wrong. Or I have to make shiploads – not sure I have the time for that. We are looking forward to the ‘Lyon festival of lights’,  which is an annual event at the beginning of December. It must be very spectacular with fantastic displays of light on buildings, bridges, churches, etc.. It draws tourists to Lyon every year. You can find out what it looks like here:


I am properly working on my masters project now, the more work I do, the more I realize how much work it is. AAARGHH. Sometimes it’s kinder to the soul to remain in a blessed state of ignorance…

I do manage to distract myself from my troubles fairly (too) easily though. I just obtained a ‘card musees’, which is fabulous. It costs a mere 20 Euros and allows you to visit 6 museums in Lyon for free and as often as you wish for a full year. I am also going to join the municipal library scheme next week. I need to get my hands on French books that are less boring than LeClezio. The library card will allow me to take out DVD’s and CD’s too, so I can watch French films and listen to French music to my heart’s content. There are 15 (!) libraries in Lyon. I am so impressed. The one that is very close by is for over 12’s and adults only, but there is also a library exclusively for younger children not too far away, about 5-10 minutes on the bike. I want to take Lucy there on Wednesday just to have a snoop.

I am currently on a mission to buy a French mobile phone. It’s frustrating. The market here is rubbish: Phone contracts are frightfully expensive and I am too stingy to shell out at least 30 to 40 Euros a month just for a contract that allows me to use the phone for an hour of talking and 100s of texts that I don’t send. I don’t use my mobile frequently, so I am thinking about doing pay as you go. But guess what: you buy your credit, and if you buy, say, credit for 5 Euros and don’t use it within a week, the credit is gone anyway, it just expires. I think this is absolutely stupid and just taking the micky out of customers, but all the French mobile phone providers do this kind of thing. So I am in two minds now. Shall I just keep my English contract? Shall I go for pay as you go? I do need a new phone too, my old phone is not working that well anymore. And I am now not sure whether I want something modern, ‘all singing and dancing’ like an iphone or so, or just some simple old thing that you can use to text and phone. So here I have another lovely little dilemma that distracts me from more important things in my life :).

I have to go and feed Lucy now. Enjoy your Sunday, we will, although it’s raining today. We can always do a bit of baking and ‘kaffetrinken’ I suppose :).

A bientôt !

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