Proper autumn…

12 November 2009

We’re good here and I need a break. I have just been trying to sort out my literature sample for the project for the last few hours and I need a rest from staring at abstracts. I am also tearing my hair out trying to get a hold of some of the articles. My subject librarian in London is now giving it a try, so I can do some blogging :)…

Rolf went off to London yesterday to work lots and to sell the Mini. We went out with Iris and Alex plus kids to the Beaujolais region for a long lunch at Oingt (don’t ask, I can only guess HOW this place is pronounced myself) and a superb walk in the hills afterwards. The weather was brilliant, I found the place okay without the SatNav (which is in England with its owner) and if the weather is nice again at the weekend, I will take the children again for a long hike and sloe-picking. There were so many bushes with these berries and Linus desperately wants to process them into something. We’re not doing liquor, though 😉

The children had a day off yesterday because it was a bankholiday here in France, Armistice day – the equivalent to Rememberance Sunday. This is the day to commemorate the armistice between the allies of World War I and Germany on the 11.11. 1918, the treaty was signed at the 11th hour of the day. In Germany it’s the official beginning of the Carnival season at 11.11 hrs on the 11.11..Weird, isn’t it? But having said that, we have an equivalent, the ‘Volkstrauertag’,  in Germany which is on the Sunday nearest to the 16.11, so during the period from the 13 to the 19.11. Because it was Armistice day yesterday, Arte’s evening program was geared towards war and experiences of it. I watched a gripping documentary about Erich Maria Remarque on Arte last night, and I now have another book on my personal ‘to read’ list: ‘All quiet on the Western front‘. I shall read that after my Vesuvius Club which is a bit gory and decadent. But perfectly readable, (particularly compared with my pathetic Le Clezio…:)  ). Stephen Fry is quoted raving about it on the bookcover. It’s very Oscar Wilde, I think.

Anyway, it’s raining in Lyon today, we have proper autumn weather with colourful leaves, light nightfrost and grey skies. I am yet again grateful for our double-glazed (pretty much) draught free windows 🙂 in our apartment. Lucy has had her first French reading book home from school and she is reading it time and time again with a lot of dedication. I am amazed, she suddenly seems to have taken a major leap forward with her French and when she concentrates properly, she reads really, really well.

I went to a library volunteers’ meeting this morning, to discuss issues related to the library service (and private stuff, of course. I was almost recruited to join a running group. HELP, I have this mental blockade, I am convinced that I can only run by myself at my own personal speed). My main concern with the library is that we don’t have a fire policy at the moment. But that’s being addressed now and  I will feel better for knowing that we will have rules we can follow should something happen. I don’t fancy being responsible for about 20 children without any cover in case of an emergency. Disciplining the children was another issue that was raised. My suggestion to put them ‘dusting duty’ if they misbehaved was rejected  – laughed off!!! I suppose you can’t always win 🙂


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