Saturday night in Lyon

8 November 2009

It’s a bit sad that the mini is going. I so enjoyed driving it. Lucy and I had probably our last spin in the car when I took her up to Francheville for a playdate this afternoon. I keep telling myself that I must be rational about this – it’s only a car for goodness sake, but BMW must be doing something right with their marketing and production if it’s so hard to part with their products…

Lucy had a great time this afternoon. She was with 4 other horse mad girls and they played pony all afternoon, running around, being caught and tamed by the one designated ‘human’ in the game and then being reigned in and having their hooves cleaned, being groomed and ooh, I don’t know what else they do with horses. Lucy is desperate for riding lessons but she won’t have any until she is fluent in French.

We are keeping busy here.  The other day, I went on a school trip with her class to the Planetarium in Vaulx en Velin. That was such an interesting outing, I actually learned a bit about the universe from the film we watched during the time when I wasn’t sleeping. They had fantastically comfy reclining chairs, calming music and it was almost dark. What else does a mother need to go to sleep? Nothing. I think I want my own planetarium in our flat. It’s gorgeous to watch a starry sky while your slowly nodding off.

Rolf and I have just finished watching ‘Ensemble c’est tout’ en français. Quel défi! The actors spoke so fast, we just caught words or phrases in isolation. Was English ever such gobbledygook – charabia – to my ears??? I’m off to bed now,that film has exhausted me. I shall go back to reading my Le Clezio book now (I finished ‘The Bookthief’ a couple of weeks ago. What a book. READ IT) . But back to Le Clezio: It’s heavy going. And that’s not necessarily the French, but more the fact that I think the writing is rather pathetic. May be it will get better, if not, I only have 260 pages to read, should be a walk in the park… ;). May be I will brighten up my life by treating myself to the ‘Vesuvius Club’ – that has been sitting on our bookshelf for some months now and it looks much more entertaining. Bonne nuit et a bientôt!

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