Success for ‘Moaning Myrtle’

3 November 2009

That’s me. I turned into a moaning myrtle some time ago. If you follow our blog you might recall that we had this astronomous final water bill of £347 pounds only three weeks after we had paid our regular water bill. Back then, I went on a crusade and moaned and complained to a number of people at Three Valleys Water, quoting that the amount of water we were charged for was not in line with our regular consumption, that I was not going to pay this, that there must be a leak somewhere, and really, that this is quite outrageous anyway. My persistence has paid off today! Apparently there was a BIG leak, we had £327  wiped off our final bill and will only have to pay £20!! I am so pleased. Not just because we saved the money, but that they have finally found the leak which I had suspected to be there for quite a while, as our water consumption seemed to rise although our habits hadn’t changed.

On the other hand, I am moaning just a little tonight because I missed out on a social day to an art exhibiton here in Lyon :(. I had mislaid my mobile phone and only picked up the message inviting us around this afternoon. We were going to meet at 12 today. Perfect, but never mind, the kids and I still had a lovely afternoon. We went to the library at the Goethe Institut and afterwards we walked up the hill to the Fourvière, for a bit of  exercise. Tomorrow is the last day of the kid’s holidays and I think they are secretly looking forward to going back to school.

I have started on my masters project, as I promised myself and the world on this blog. I am actually enjoying it so far, I spend a few hours every day searching for literature, but I am also aware that I mustn’t be lazy, there is plenty to do and I want to submit in June. I hope I can make it.


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