It’s not them after all…

30 October 2009

I am still obsessing about the pests in the house, and yes, there are no mites or moths in our pantry. The sticky patches that are supposed to catch them are still empty, I haven’t caught a single moth with my special sticky pheromone traps in a week and nothing is crawling in our flour. Looks like we were lucky and last weeks’ combat action was unnecessary after all. But I now have a clean and tidy pantry, which is lovely. I also haven’t caught a mouse yet, nor have I come across any more mouse droppings. May be the mouse and the moths left together to find a more comfortable place to live…. But we have another pest here: Our beloved lemon tree is ailing again, and while I thought it was the frosty nights we had some weeks ago, Marion swiftly diagnosed that the tree is suffering from spider mites. So I shall have to spray the poor thing with a mixture of spirit and soft soap to kill the nasty little buggers.  I’d love to know what the words are in French.  I shall have to find out if I want to do some spraying action. Isn’t it  great to know people who can just like that diagnose why your little tree is looking sad? But this was obviously only one reason why we loved having Marion and Norbert plus kids here. They arrived Sunday and left today, and they were our first ‘proper’ guests, our guinea pigs, so to speak: I was wondering how eight people would get on in our apartment, and I have to say it was easy and absolutely lovely. We had a great time, including perfect weather with blue skies and temperatures up to 20 degrees celsius. Perfect for showing off Lyon, the Lyonnaise mountains and the Alps. The fact that our children are on holiday was a big bonus and Lucy in particular enjoyed Lukas’ company. She is a bit short of friends living locally at the moment and her social life is pretty much confined to school, so it was a real treat for her to have someone ‘on tap’ to play or argue 🙂 with from early in the morning until bedtime. Rolf and I enjoyed Marion and Norbert’s company loads, they happen to be very laid back guests, just the kind we appreciate having around. The even brought photos of Beechen, our old house, with them. These were shocking, the house has lost all its appeal, the green that used to be our private jungle while we lived there has been taken away and the poor house looks naked and sad. It’s good in a way, it doesn’t feel like ‘our’ house at all anymore. Funny though, how your home of three years can just disappear like that, the house we saw on the photos has nothing to do with us anymore. It is also a bit scary too, how things that feel so real vanish. We now certainly have no home in Ascot anymore!!!

Now, that Marion and Norbert have left our apartment  feels a bit empty and quiet, and, worst of all, they seem to have taken the good weather with them!!! Today was a pretty grey and cool day, with morning mist and no sunshine at all. I wonder if it’s sunny in Ascot….

Anyway, if this is it and the temperatures are truly going downhill, we will start preparing for christmas early this year :). Lucy can’t wait to start baking biscuits and to make some decoration for the house.  Our apartment feels so much warmer than Beechen ever did because of all the draughty doors, windows and fireplaces we had there, so I expect to have a warm and cosy Christmas time. AND WE WILL HAVE A 3m CHRISTMAS TREE. THE biggest ever :)…





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