Unwanted visitors and combat action

23 October 2009

I think we have two kinds of those! I am not happy. The other night, I squashed two moths which exited confidently from our pantry. Yesterday, a third one escaped by the skin of its teeth (so to speak), so at least one of these little buggers is still alive. I have to admit that I have a little ‘pantry moth trauma’. I suffered this years and years ago when I shared a flat with three to five other people who were as irresponsible as me (back then….;) ) and needless to say, the flat was not spotless …ever. Anyway, one day I came home from college to find the kitchen ceiling covered in maggots. Several hundreds of them, really, absolutely disgusting. I developed a mighty anger towards these creatures and went on a killing spree. Unfortunately, I was alone in my quest, because one of my flatmates, our lovely Japanese friend Kimio, who was also at home, felt unable to help me – he was too disgusted and decided to return to the kitchen once the coast was clear. Men, pah…. I still wish I had had my personal firefighting hero with me on that occasion, HE would not have let me down….

It is this experience that makes me go ‘EEEEKKK’, when I see moths floating about happily near our stock of rice, flour or nuts… any food stuff really. So today I bought proper plastic boxes, chucked out lots of open packages and stored my teabags in the freezer. They will remain there for three days, that will kill any life in there that should not be around. Luckily, I did not find flocks of moths, maggots or anything other wiggly and horrible in our pantry, when I cleaned it. Hence I am hopeful that I was panicking and that may be we do not have an infestation. But just to be on the safe side I have placed some strips that attract moths in the pantry. If there are any left, I shall know soon. In the meantime I will carry on buying containers that can be hermetically closed. BUT, when turning the pantry inside out, I found another nice surprise! This wasn’t a lovely bar of chocolate or anything that I had misplaced a long time ago, no it was… MOUSE DROPPINGS . AAARGHHHH!!!!! How I hate this! I haven’t seen any mice, the bread and fruit that I have up to now left out on the kitchen table have not been touched, but the droppings are there. This mouse tried to eat dry pasta. Weirdo. So, I have now also bought two high-tech mousetraps which I will put out tonight. I have no idea where this mouse comes from. Rolf hypothesized that we might have imported it from Beechen, a blind passenger. I am not convinced, but it’s an interesting thought. I think it probably came in when it was really cold outside, through an open window. It probably had an inkling that this might be a comfy place to spend the winter, along with all its relatives. But  I don’t think so,  and I am sure  to convince it with my ruthless charm . Oh, some days are just not perfect. I had very different plans for the day, I wanted to prepare everything for Marion and Norbert’s visit, but hey, instead I chase pests. Then again, I would not want to do this when I have visitors… Now that I have all these dirty secrets shared with everybody out there, I feel I can carry on with the day, go grocery shopping, do some more washing and ironing, pick Lucy up – by the way,  there is another strike going on, it’s public transport again, and on the whole enjoy my life as a lady of leisure 🙂

Have a good weekend!!!

PS: I am really looking forward to having Marion and Norbert plus kids here, I need some therapeutic wild, rude  humour and laughing. Marion and Norbert are perfect for this. We will probably watch Loriot and quote ridiculous 70s German TV commercials til late. ….Can’t wait 🙂

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