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20 October 2009

We’re so lucky, just as I posted a complaint about the weather, it’s warmed up a little and the wind isn’t quite so icy any more :). Yesterday morning we had 2 degrees celsius, grey skies and icy winds, but by the evening it was 10 degrees, and the wind was warm and mild. Today it was warm again and we had gorgeous sunshine. I so hope it stays like this for Marion and Norbert’s visit!

We have another two days of school to go until the Toussaints holidays start, and we all need a break, and boy we do need it. I think it has been quite an  intense time for the children at school, Linus has already finished the first of a series of workbooks in his FLE lessons within 6 weeks. Normally these workbooks are completed over a term or two. His French is coming on really well, I am proud of him! … And still a bit envious :). But I don’t think I am doing too badly given that I don’t have the same amount of exposure as he has.

By the way, I am still reading my Le Clezio (I’m on page 30!!!) , but as I always have at least two books on the go, I have to recommend the other book I am reading at the moment: It’s ‘The bookthief’ by Martin Zusak. It’s a very sad, but absolutely captivating story set in Nazi Germany. I can’t put the book down and only cook quick and dirty dinners (soups, stews…) to have more time to read… :). It’s incredibly well written and very original – the narrator is actually Death himself. Le Clezio will have to wait until I have finished this one. I am so hooked.

Apart from that, I have found a wonderful bikeshop in town, they sell the most gorgeous bike bags. Unfortunately I am fully equipped with my two bright yellow Ortlieb panniers, but may be, just maybe, I can find a really, really valid reason to go out and buy one of these beauties ;). I had to go to the bike shop in the first place because Linus’ bikes’ rear wheel needed some attention, i.e. truing. Linus had one of these accidents that are….what can I say, typical? for him….  at the weekend. We were out cycling on Sunday, when suddenly we hear a crash and the very well known sound of Linus going ‘OOOUUUCHHHHH! Can you picture this? I turned round and saw Linus on the ground, passers-by rushing to his aid… luckily he got up pretty much straight away, no lasting damage done. What had happened was that Linus, in a a daydreaming state of mind (he has these sooo frequently), had had a head on collision with a bollard. I could not have done this myself, ever: This bollard was quite thin and not exactly in his way, but he still managed to hit it straight and with full speed, and was subsequently catapulted off his bike head first. The collision resulted in the rear wheel being pretty out of shape. Luckily Linus as always, had his guardian angel with him. We still managed to spend a lovely afternoon. They got his tyre sorted today at the bike shop within 10 minutes for 8 Euros. Super place.  I will certainly go there again. If not for a sexy bike bag, definitely for spare parts (for my bike I mean. I am not yet falling apart).

Lucy has not had any accidents, but she is SO confident getting about Lyon that I sometimes worry. Today she said to me that she wanted to go to school by herself, using public transport. This means getting on the tram, then taking the metro and finally walking from the metro station to school, another 6 or 7 minutes that include crossing a very busy road. Although I agree that she is perfectly capable of finding her way under normal circumstances, I did ask her what she would do should the metro suddenly get stuck underground, how she would cope with announcements over the PA system  in French and how she would get home should she have to take a bus or need to walk. Luckily she understood my concerns, I think the thought of something out of the ordinary happening to her hadn’t even crossed her mind. I am glad she agrees with me that for the time being, it will have to be Linus and her going home together. At least that is so much cooler than being picked up by mum if you’re almost 9 years old…:). I don’t think I am looking forward to her turning into a teenager…

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