Il fait froid à Lyon

18 October 2009

Oui, c’est vrai, the temperatures have plummeted here by about 15 degrees Celsius. It was only last Sunday that we were out in T-shirts and little cardies, but very suddenly this changed during the course of the last week and we now have about 10 or 12 degrees during the day. This doesn’t sound too bad considering we’re approaching the end of October, but the wind in Lyon is très, très fort. It is so cold and blustery, it can take your breath away. I have been assured though by one mum at school that this is just the beginning of the cold season and that things will get much, much worse before the warmer weather is back with us round April time. But I suppose it’s always tough when temperatures fall so suddenly. I reckon we will get used to the cold eventually.

Lucy and I have been out to buy winter boots, warm tops, headband and gloves this week, after a terribly cold bike ride to school on Tuesday. It is so different here compared to Ascot, where the really cold weather hits you in January for a few days. It’s nothing like that here, we have proper seasons… :). I am grateful though that it is merely cold — my uncle, who lives in Munich, told me last week that they had the first snow. Horror! Snow in October, that stretches the winter out … endlessly?

I have now also bought myself a ‘Tecely’ card for the public transport, so I can take Lucy to school by metro. I would prefer to still cycle, but hey, she is getting really cold on her bike and I want to avoid ear infections. Linus was already complaining about earache last week. But as I need some form of exercise to keep my (vulnerable) equilibrium, my plan is to take Lucy to school by metro and then jog the almost 5 km home – this way I get some exercise, happy hormones and fresh air, and she gets to school without being frozen stiff.

I think we are finally getting into a day-to day routine now, my initial excitement is over, I have my study days at language school my cleaning day :(, my day to help out at school and the shopping to do (oh, I so miss Ocado and my vegetable box! All these trips that I have to do now by myself, on my bike, all the shopping that I have to lift onto the bike and then carry up to the flat… it’s not much fun!). My days are filled with all these little routines and they just fly by. But the most reliable indicator of me settling in is that I have started to miss work. I know that I have been moaning about work at times, but I have also always been aware of how important work is as a means of definition and identification. When I gave up my job, I had a feeling of loss of identity and this wasn’t nice, but at least I was looking forward to our ‘big move’. Now that we have arrived and I have officially the status of a ‘homemaker’ (with our bank), I find that I struggle with this as much as with the fact that I don’t earn any money that I can then just spend liberally ;). I suppose that now is the time for me to pick up on my studies and focus on my Masters. I am sure this will make me happier. I hereby officially announce that I will start working on my Masters in earnest the first week of November, when the children are back at school and I only have language class once a week. Phew. It’s official now, so I have no more excuses :).

Until then, I am looking forward to Marion and Norbert’s and their kids’ visit next week, along with some surely missed goodies such as Weetabix 😉 (these are frightfully expensive here). They know it will be cold, but I am hoping for the same marvellous sunshine that we have at present, so I can show off with the beauty of our new hometown :).


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