Learn all about Serge

24 September 2009

Yes, there is a new man in my life. His name is Serge and he is a hairdresser. Inspired by Iris’ fantastic haircut, I finally dared to enter a hairdresser’s on Tuesday. Luckily French hairdressers seem to know what they’re doing, Serge obviously takes pride in his job and if you can’t explain what you want, he happily gives you a recommendation and tells you how your hair should be cut to make you look your best. Serge did just this after taking a quick  glance at my hair and my face and then he set out to work on my cheveux. Watching him work was impressive and when he had finished, he had made me a much happier girl. The children obvioulsy liked my pre-hair-cut mop more, they always take a day or to two get used to the sudden change :).

I was so happy with the result, I took Lucy the next day and she also got a beautiful haircut, now I only have to drag Linus to some hairdresser, he looks pretty wild at the moment. May be I will also take him to see Serge?

In addition to getting a new haircut I  started my French lessons on Tuesday. It’s great, I suppose I will learn a lot, but it’s also pretty daunting for me, as I know so little French. The task in the first lesson was to write a fairytale. Very hard if you don’t have a dictionary! Luckily I could work with Trish (a mom from school) who is doing the course together with Iris and myself, and we produced something. That is all I am going to say about this ;). I rewrote the whole thing at home and my second attempt was much better. It took me ages and I had to look up at least every second word. But that’s the way to learn I suppose and I have to say I really enjoyed it. In my head I am still so focused on English, I am working hard on myself to let go of that and let the French in. It’s painful, it’s hard, but it’s got to be done if I want to get anywhere with my French. I suppose part of the problem is that English is so familiar to me, if I have any problem with vocabulary or so, I slip into a foreign language that I know well: English. I am also worried that I might forget my English if  I totally immerse myself into French.

This morning, we had a lesson within our little group (Trish, Iris and I) and after that we had a workshop in a larger group. The focus in this workshop was on grammar. I bought some books on grammar the other day and I will study a bit this evening, just to get passé composé and imparfait straight in my head. I’ll ask Linus to test me, he is such a clever boy with a super brain, he memorises so much better than me…

Rolf is away in London (with Alex) until Saturday night and thus the children and I are on our own. The weather here is still glorious, so I took them to Parc de la Tête d’Or yesterday afternoon. This is a wonderful park in the 6th arrondissement in Lyon, it is very big  (117ha) and houses a beautiful lake, a zoo and all sorts of other attractions for children and adults alike along with wonderful trees and lawns. It was therapeutic for me to spend an afternoon in the park. I have to admit that although I enjoy living in town, I miss the green we were surrounded by in Ascot. Our road is pretty bleak, there are no trees, and obviously we don’t have a garden. I think I desperately have to buy some plants for the house. I also want to go somewhere nice this weekend. Possibly Provence? Or may be the Ardêche? Any recommendations for me out there?

Anyway, it’s already time to collect the children from school and there is also a parents evening at Lucy’s class tonight, so I better be off.


4 Responses to “Learn all about Serge”

  1. Sabine Says:

    I have not time to give more news (I’ll do it later), but I think Ardeche it is absolutely gorgeous. But Provence as well. I don’t know how long is it for you to get there, I am sure there is so much to see around… Good luck with your french, I’m always impressed by you, as usual…

  2. Steffen Says:

    Serge ist zurück??? Soll Kunde kraulen, oder was??? Der “echte” Serge scheint ja nichts mehr mit dem Rest der Welt zu verbinden.


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