And another first: an invoice from a lawyer

18 September 2009

Some things are sent to try me and this was one of them. I had a letter in the mailbox to Madame Heckmann today. This was an invoice from a lawyer who was involved in a legal dispute between several people who bought flats in our road and the previous owner of those flats. That’s as much as I understood, the letter was signed, stamped, and obviously not an offer to become rich in an instant from Nigeria. So I did not chuck it, but found it rather alarming: I was not happy to pay a legal fee exceeding 500 Euros for something I did not have a clue about. Anyway, I rang our good old relocation agency. (These girls are worth their weight in gold!) They kindly rang the law firm and it turned out that someone with almost the same name as ours lives just up our road… How weird is that? It’s all the postman’s fault – he delivered the letter to us instead of Madame H. I was very relieved, but I am so intrigued by this, because our name is not that common. I hope to meet this lady one day. I hope she doesn’t look like me, that would really freak me out ūüôā

I had an uplifting experience today: My first telephone conversation in French that actually worked. I understood everything and so did the person at the other end of the line. This was the principal of the local music centre. The kind man said he did speak English but, stubbornly, insisted on speaking French with me the whole time. And he did not give me a choice either. Anyway, I am going to see him,¬†a violin teacher, and a piano teacher tomorrow. Hopefully the teachers are as patient as he and speak as slowly as he did ;), because I need to find out which method they employ for their teaching. I have already been warned that the French¬†may take rather a different approach to teaching music. Despite this, I hope that the teaching will be¬†similar to the method that Lucy’s wonderful violin teacher in Sunninghill used. Lucy loved playing with her and she misses the lessons. We certainly won’t find a substitute for Mrs J, but I hope we find teachers who can keep Lucy inspired with her violin playing and get Linus back on track with his piano playing. It is quite difficult to keep this going, other things seem to be more important at the moment, but I would be sad if Linus gave up playing completely, it seems such a waste.

The children seem to be settling so well, Lucy being Lucy has already made a few friends and enjoys school a lot. She loves her FLE and English lessons, but finds the lessons in French boring, just because she understands so little. I am sure this will change within the next few months.

Linus also likes school. No wonder, because his schedule is rather easy, he has no more than about 15 hours of lessons per week, the curriculum doesn’t seem to be very demanding and he gets lots of sessions during the day where he just hangs out with his buddies. He is involved with a nice-sounding bunch – he seems to spend his time with 5 or so boys from his class during the breaks and they seem to chat and play table tennis rather a lot. I am not worried about this easy lifestyle at the moment, because I appreciate that the transition at Linus’ age is not so easy, but I think in the long run I would like him to have a bit more academic input. I watch this space for the moment and have made a conscious choice to trust the system, because the school has an excellent academic record, so they must be doing something right.

Lucy is hovering, she is reading every word I am writing and it’s time she went to bed. So we’ll do a bit of reading now and I shall be back to write some more¬†in the near future. Have a good weekend! I’m so glad it’s Friday…


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