Lurvely lazy Sunday

13 September 2009

Today’ s been a LOVELY day: No school, no work, no DIY disasters and lots of sunshine. You can’t beat a day like that. Rolf tried to sort out his study while  I took  the children for a long bike ride to the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, a huge park and nature reserve covering more than 200 hectares of ground. It has a wonderful lake, where you can do all sorts of watersports, but the park is  also great for cycling, hiking, inline skating or horse riding. It’s only about a 15 minute drive from Lyon, but all who know me know that I prefer my bike, so that’s how we got there.

There is a cycle path along the Rhone that takes you to the park and the park is almost well signposted :). Yes, the signposting is great until the path splits into two and to get the park you have to turn right. No sign to tell you this, only when you actually have turned right and turned a corner you find the next signpost. This is why we went straight on and added another 6 km to our journey… But it was well worth it, because we discovered a hydroelectric powerstation that’s been in use since 1899 and is quite an impressive building. Not that I would have chosen this as the destination for  a bike ride on a Sunday, but hey, it was interesting and it was at this point that we actually turned around. It was only due to Lucy insisting on going to this park (she was determined to swim in the lake ) that we tried the turn of the cycle path instead of going home.

Luckily, we actually managed to get to the park after a total of 22km of cycling and it was so worth it. The park is lovely, the children got their swim in the lake (much better than Frensham pond I was assured, but then, it doesn’t take much, does it?) and we had a picnic in the sunshine. When we came home I had two happy, hungry and tired children who were not in the mood to argue. Bliss! I am going to do this more often now. I hope that summer lasts for a bit longer here in France, so we can go again soon. The days are still lovely and warm with temperatures in the mid twenties, but the mornings are definitely getting colder and you can’t go out just wearing a t-shirt anymore. It’s definitely ‘cardi time’.

By the way, you can buy all sorts of peppers on the market now, and really cheaply as well. I bought 9 romano peppers (I love them, they are so nice and sweet) for about 1.50 Euros on the market on Saturday. Isn’t that fantastic value for money? I roasted them in the oven – this takes only 20 minutes at 250 degrees celsius, and that made such a tasty ingredient for flans, sauces or,  on their own, as an antipasto. I am a  big fan now of making my own roast pepper, and my family will have to eat it until I got making roast pepper out of my system :), or until prices rise.


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