Friday – getting our lives sorted in just one day…

11 September 2009

We are getting sorted on so many levels today, I suppose Friday is a good day for it. It makes me  feel like  I deserve a proper weekend now.

Firstly I can confirm that we are still a household with a functioning toilet. I can assure you, this chapter is now history, we have had no trouble for two whole days. But equally important is the fact that Linus will be returning to school on Monday!!! HOORAHHH!! We had confirmation from the head of the section anglophone today that the proviseur has been dismissed from his current post with immediate effect. I am so pleased, I thought drastic action like that was not possible in a bureaucratic country like France. Anyway, he is gone, the new timetable has been drawn up since last weekend and shall be completed by the end of this weekend. Linus will nevertheless get his lie in on Monday morning: He does not need to turn up until 10:55.

I will open a bottle of something – champagne or shampoo … anything bubbly will do, to celebrate this. The boy is getting rather silly and he is full of beans. Today, for example, I found his whoopy cushion and gave it to him, because I have no use whatsoever for these things. His face lit up, he was so happy to be reunited with it,  and he put it straight into his trousers (apparently only to make them fit better) so I suspect he will be sitting down with this thing in  his pants  for the rest of the day. Ooohh, someone give this child some course work to do!!

Apart from that, I have been busy sorting out our lives here. Rolf, for example, has not had a bank card since our arrival. Pretty annoying for him, he has to ask me for money if he wants to buy stuff. Yes, this sounds rather matriarchical: He goes out to earn the money and I have total control over the bank account :). …I have to stress that I am not happy with this either!!! ;). We did not arrange it this way on purpose. It was just the clever girl who set up our joint account here in France. She did not know what she was doing (that was obvious even at the time we were there, she was so confused!) , but what can you do? It was August in France and all senior staff were away on holiday. Anyway, this girl set up the account with our English (!)  address, did neither order cards nor cheque books and never contacted us again. Today, I finally managed to talk to the lady who was looking after us in the first place and I have an appointment on Monday to get our account organised properly.

Another matter I finally managed to address was our final water bill. They  sent us an invoice covering a 6 week period. This is in the amount of £347. We would normally pay that sort of money in 18 months.  They are looking into it now, because there is no way on this earth that I am paying that kind of money.

We also have an appointment with a doctor now. Unfortunately not with the one whose surgery is close by: I have not been able to talk to her in three days and lord knows I have been trying!  I take this as a message from the universe to stay away from this doctor. I rang another one and got an appointment straight away. I hope this is for the best.

Today, I had planned to be a bit of a rebel! YES, I was going to go to a demonstration in front of the rectorat to voice my concerns about the school. I am sure it would have been fun: Lots of enraged parents and a few terribly embarrased pupils of the CSI  (trying to escape),  who were made to go by their parents. This demonstration was however unnecessary because the proviseur is gone. I would have enjoyed the experience: Even at the parents evening emotions were running high and someone actually called for the proviseur to be ‘terminated’. He got cheers and applause. Just imagine that!!! They are a nation of revolutionists, the French. Could you imagine this kind of scenario in Britain?

As the demonstration was off, I had time to tidy the house, because we are having our first guests tonight! Frau L. is coming with a friend (they have  just been camping in France) and I am so pleased to have visitors. I don’t know what to cook yet, but we have a nice looking wine shop near by so I will get a bottle or two of wine there, that way at least the drink is sorted. Oh, it’s four o’clock. Time to collect my little Lucy from school and to do my last minute shopping for tonight.  Isn’t Friday afternoon the best afternoon of the week?


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