We’re still on strike here

9 September 2009

Yes, Linus is staying at home for another day. The issues between the school management and staff/parent side haven’t been resolved yet. We get updates via the  anglophone section’s website, and the last one sounded promising: Negotiations yesterday went well and there is a proposal from the teacher/ staff side on how to manage the current situation. If this is accepted, the school will re-open tomorrow. If management decline, strike action will carry on until next week.

Linus is now itching to go back to school. He reckons a strike mid-term would have been fab, but a strike at the beginning of term when there are so many new things to discover is not great. I have spoken with a couple of parents from his class (people are so good at ringing, we are all in the same boat here…) and if the strike carries on, we will get the children together next week.  I am also thinking about giving Linus some tasks to complete at home. There is a parents meeting tonight at 18.30 where all will be explained and all the plans revealed.

We try to make the best of the situation. While Linus is off school. we can do some dreaded shopping:  trainers for school etc., and today he went for a trial session at ‘Le Mur de Lyon‘, an indoor climbing centre. He loved it, it’s only about a kilometre from where we live and I am hoping this is finally  a sport that grabs him. So he was signed up for a year-long course in no time at all :). I am actually envious: The climbing looks like so much fun. And, at the end of the year, they will have an outing to do  climbing in the Alps. By that time, he will know about all different knots and things one needs to know – I can’t go into detail here, it’s my French again!

Before he can actually start, we need a medical certificate. So I am now trying to make an appointment to register with a GP who speaks English. I found one via the internet close by, so I am hoping she will take us on. I have no idea whether she is any good, but I just need this certificate. I suppose, i can change later if I am terribly unhappy. I actually left my first answerphone message in FRENCH with her surgery. Did I make sense? I will know when they call me back and laugh at me for ten minutes before getting down to business :).

I am now off to the shopping mall with Lucy – she has outgrown all her shoes during the summer, the only ones she can wear at the moment are her sandals. While she is still okay to wear them at the moment – the temperatures are still up to about 27 or so degrees celsius during the day –  I don’t know for how long the French summer will last. So we are on a mission to buy a pair of trainers and a pair of sensible school shoes. This will be interesting. She has been moaning about having to wear black school shoes in the past. The other day, she saw a pair of shoes she liked and guess what they looked like?…. Are you thinking Clarks and Startrite? Then you are right.

By the way, we have some good news! My super-hero-husband has done it again! He has fixed  something! What a hunk! Yes, we can use the toilet again, all the sealing seems to be watertight this time. I have to share this with you, it improves the quality of our lives rather significantly :).

I am off into the sunshine now, the shopping mall is calling. Despite all the difficulties that sneak up on to us now and then, it’ s still  nice to live in a country where you can’t leave the house without your sunglasses 🙂

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