Life ain’t boring…

8 September 2009

… no, it sure isn’t. We still can’t use our toilet, unfortunately it leaked. Although expertly assembled by Rolf,  we were so  excited about having a toilet, we didn’t wait long enough for the silicone to set properly and it got washed out :(. As there  is not  a plumber in sight as yet, (the English plumber who would have been happy to help us is presently in Paris, the Irish guy who he recommended has not contacted us) Rolf gave it one last try and sealed the plumbing again last night. We have not used the toilet since, I am determined to wait 24 hours to make 100% sure that the silicone has time to set. We are currently discussing the purchase of a camping toilet – this might be handy in the current siuation and in case of future emergencies.

It’s good that the kids are at school during the day and Rolf can use the facilities at work. Having said that, Linus is not spending much time at school  at the moment. This is due to his teachers being on strike. Unbeknown to us, the school has had severe management problems for two years and the disorganized start of the new term, along with the workload, was the last straw for the teachers: they decided to go on strike. There are intense talks between  management,  teachers, and parent associations and I am hoping that a solution can be found quickly. To get a good overview of what’s happening, I am now translating the French articles in the local paper and those published by the parent organisations. It’s a good exercise for me. I am just amazed at how complicated French grammar is.

Lucy’s school does not seem to be affected by the trouble. She is still happy to go every morning and enjoying it. Yesterday afternoon she had 3 hours of English lessons. I think she really appreciated being able to communicate freely with everyone in class. They made a time capsule containig data about the children’s height and lenght of feet, etc., to be openend again at the end of the schoolyear.  I was a bit ‘homesick’ yesterday – it was the first day at Lucy’s old primary school in England and it’s a bit sad not to be part of that lovely crowd of people anymore. But that is one of the few things that give me heartache, I surprised myself at how happy I am here in France. There are many reasons why this is so, but one aspect  is that the children are happy and also that the climate here is so beneficial for Lucy’s skin. Her eczema is almost gone, she hardly scratches  and has wonderful smooth and tanned skin.  She also sleeps much better.

Right, this is the end of our quick catch up, Linus and I are now off to the skip, we have a broken toilet bowl to dispose of!


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