Our personal DIY soap, part 2

6 September 2009

Yes, it’s DIY again. This time though, it isn’t a straight forward repair of a washing machine that Joe Bloggs could handle. No, this time it’s A FULL BLOWN TOILET REPAIR!!! Yes, it’s a toilet and Rolf is doing it. You may wonder how this came about, as we moved into a newly renovated and decorated flat only three weeks ago. Well, this is the story. (Never, ever ask Rolf about it, he is kind of embarrassed about it, but I have to share it anyway 🙂  ).

I woke up this morning, barely able to see and pleased it was Sunday, and the first thing Rolf says to me is: “Don’t use the toilet, it’s broken”. I just asked whether he had had a bad dream, but he assured me that no, he himself broke the toilet the previous night while being creative on another DIY project that was aimed at designing a novel toilet roll holder. To cut a long story short, a heavy iron bar was dropped from some height into the toilet bowl, which wasn’t designed to take a forceful blow like that and thus broke. My personal fireman then spent the best part of the night trying to figure out how to sort this problem and mopping up water. This morning, we managed to find an emergency plumber and Alex kindly rang him to explain the situation (Alex didn’t laugh out loud when Rolf explained…but,  kind man that he is, he offered us unlimited use of their toilet in Sainte Foy lès Lyon and breakfast along with that). However, the emergency plumber wasn’t able to help us out on a Sunday: “Monsieur, nous sommes le dimanche!” No chance to get  a new toilet bowl fitted on a Sunday. However, my superhero still managed to buy a brand new toilet and cistern at some place somewhere far away, that happened to be open on a Sunday. As I am writing this, he is expertly fitting the toilet and I am hopeful that I can use it tomorrow morning. Just to be on the safe side, I keep myself slightly dehydrated…

But it’s not just Rolf who is having fun today. While he was out on his toilet bowl hunt with Linus in tow, Lucy and I were tidying up the living room and cleaning the flat. What bliss! I unpacked a number of boxes, moved furniture and put stuff away. Housework can be so satisfying if you stick to doing it in homoeopathic quantities. I also spent two hours in the kitchen cooking dinner and so enjoyed it.

I am a lot happier now that I can actually sit in our sofa, blog away and listen to the radio without having my feet stuck in cardboard boxes.   It’s been a good Sunday and I am looking forward to next week and the new weird and wonderful projects that my DIY superhero will tackle. I’ll keep you posted. If he carries on at the current pace, he will be building that rocketship soon.


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