And another one: Lucy’s first day at school (yesterday)

4 September 2009

This was an unexpected emotional experience for me, it was so hard letting Lucy go. Lucy herself was absolutely fine, just excited. Her teacher speaks German and English, so Lucy can communicate with her. All her lessons  were in French, but she has a ‘buddy’ assigned to her who translates instructions.  I was expecting her to be very tired and grumpy at the end of her long school day. But no, when I picked her up at 4.30, she was beaming, happy and chatty. She said the food in the cantine was delicious (she had three courses), the children, particularly the boys, were better behaved than at her old school.

I also spent the morning at school at a parents meeting where the FLE (French as a Foreign language) teachers explained how the primary section works. This was also  all done in French,  but I got on really well. The bits that I did not understand were translated by the English teacher who tested Lucy last week, a lovely lady.

I spent my afternoon assembling the slatting for Lucy’s new bed. It took more than 2 hours and lots of swearing (I think the swearing, at least for me, is part and parcel of assembling Ikea furniture). It was worth it though, Lucy has a super comfy bed now.

I have just dropped off Lucy  for her second day at  school.  Luckily the weather is dry so we cycled along the Rhone, Lucy was singing ABBA  songs on the way. As yet, I refuse to sing ‘Lay all you love on me‘ as a duet with her in public.

Linus has only just left for his first ‘proper’ day at school, because he has a late start. He is going by himself. He is  confident and cool about everything,  it’s only old mother hen (me) who reminds him to take a snack and a drink, to send  a text once he has arrived safely and she also puts tissues in his pockets. Mother hen hopes that both children have a good day and she will be relieved once they are reunited with her safe and sound this afternoon.

I am off now to enrol at a language school. I still desperately need those French lessons.


One Response to “And another one: Lucy’s first day at school (yesterday)”

  1. Sabine Says:

    It’s so exciting to hear all your adventures in your new life, what a good idea that blog ! I am quite jealous when I read you, we should do the same ! Coming back from holidays in that cold and damp weather is a bit depressing ! Anyway I am very happy to see that everything is going well for you, children happy at school and all the family enjoying France. I guess you should be very tired after trying to talk and understand French all day. Good luck !

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