Our first day at school…

2 September 2009

has been very promising! Linus did not understand a lot of what was said, because it was mostly in French, but I actually got the gist and as a consequence feel like a superior human being at the moment :).  (This won’t last, I still have to go to Ikea tonight and I know I will feel like a G&T rather than a superior human being afterwards)  People at  school were friendly and helpful, and I flitted around amongst a group of parents who were equally manic and excited.  A great atmosphere for networking and I have an inkling that there might be excellent social activities for the parents too later in the year. It was amazing to hear the amount of languages that are spoken at the school: People converse in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Chinese, English and Polish to name just the main languages. It’s absolutely amazing, because it’s so normal for the students to speak two, three or even more languages fluently. It gives the place an exciting vibe.

Apart from that, it’s the same like it was with Charters or, in fact, Swinley. I now some sort of  idea of how the school is organised and how the day is  structured. That shall do me, for the time being,  I will find out everything else along the way. By the way, Linus is thrilled with his timetable: To start with, until his French is up to scratch, he will only have few lessons every week and he will have lie-ins on Monday mornings (no school until 9.50) and early ends to his schooldays.  He has already hatched a’ stupid boy plan’ to pretend not to learn French so he can stay on this timetable for as long as possible…

By the way, today was the first day we took public transport to school. Did I say Lyon is dusty yesterday? I was wrong. Lyon is not dusty at all anymore, we had torrential downpours this morning, again along with an amazing thunderstorm. It was a great spectacle, only it would have been better had Lucy and I not been out shopping to the market  at that time… it was so dark at times, I could hardly see the coins inside my purse. So Lucy and I got soaked, and decided not to take any chances on the way to school. And, surprise, surprise, we didn’t get wet this afternoon, in fact it turned out to be quite nice. I just hope for tomorrow to be dry, it is so much quicker to cycle to school than to take the metro.

Having said that, the public transport system ist really good. The children can get passes to use on the entire Lyonnaise transport system,  including the school busses, for not too much money, and these passes are valid until next summer. This will be so convenient in winter. I have already decided against the idea of them taking a schoolbus- I have heard horrorstories about them being manic places where children of primary age travel together with teenagers just about to finish school. The busses seem to be an excellent resource for  learning  French swear words and although this particular resource would be wasted on my children at the moment, I dont fancy them travelling on the bus on their own. We will use the metro instead, which is very convenient. It’s only a short walk from our house and a quick three stops and another short walk take you to the school. Perfect.

I have to go to Ikea now, what a wonderful end to the day!!! 😉 . By the way, the washing machine is running happily, cleaning load after load, and our ‘dirty laundry mountain range’ is shrinking rapidly. Also, I have been thinking since last night’s posting by Rolf. Am I too easily impressed? I thought it was great to think to be married to a real hero, a man who can fix a washing machine and get really dirty and greasy along the way. It’s almost like having a fire fighter in your home taking care of everything :). But hey, may be I won’t rave so much next time he fixes something… I find my life and the questions I am contemplating at the moment take a weird and wonderful direction. While I was concered with epistemology, ontology and such things only a few months ago, the questions that really move me now are ‘How does the French recycling system work?’  ‘Where can I get English groceries?’ ‘Will it rain tomorrow?’ Should I worry about this????

One Response to “Our first day at school…”

  1. Jan Jackman Says:

    Hi It was lovely to hear about your beginnings in France It is fascinating that so many languages are spoken The school buses sound much like ours!!!Its a shame the littluns have to share with the teenagers though. I look forward to getting the next instalment of your happenings or have I missed it. I have been away most of August and have not had a chance to reply to you before. How is my little Lucy getting on.? Best wishes Jan x

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