Let’s have a moan for a change…

1 September 2009

Yes, I think we are having a taste of real life at the moment, I hope its just a short interlude of my personal honeymoon with Lyon and France! Our washing machine is still out of order, the washing is piling up to  a nice mountain range in the bathroom. I bought replacements for the parts that Rolf thought were damaged today and now he is trying to re-assemble the machine, I really hope it works! I neither fancy ringing someone in French (ARGGGHHHH) to organise a repair, nor do I want to shell out lots of money to replace my dear old Bosch that’s been doing our laundry for 9  1/2 years.

Apart from that I am shattered. We had lots of backs and forths between school, home and various shops in the last two or three days, buying all the equipment we need for starting school. One of yesterday’s  challenges was getting passport size photographs of the children for school. We managed to do it in the end, but things just take a bit longer in a city you don’t know… anyway, I won’t go into detail, let me just say we will all get fit with the amount of cycling we are doing, I do between 20 and 30 kilometres every day. Luckily the town centre of Lyon is rather flat.

I have now spent a small fortune on various ‘cahiers, equerres, chemises, double decimetres, classeurs’ and what have you. All the lists were in French, and I was so pleased the shopassistants in the papeterie had time to help us get all the stuff, because it’s all very particular with regards to size of the exercise books, the  squares on the paper and so on. We managed to queue for 20 minutes in the wrong queue, assuming it was the queue for the till, but unfortunately it was just the queue for the desk where you order your books.  I think we are kind of anglisized, we see a queue and join it regardless :). We found another queue in the shop and joined that one, luckily this was actually for the paypoint :).  Anyway, we got everything together in just about 2 hours (spent in one shop!)  and both children are now fully equipped to start school. Linus has his first lessons tomorrow afternoon, then Thursday off and back to school on Friday, Lucy starts on Thursday morning.

We rounded off the day with a lovely swim in the pool on the Rhone. This was great, because Lyon is now pretty dusty, with the heat and no rain for days. It was so nice to get into the water and wash off all the dust. (I had a shower, though beforehand, the washing off of the dust is not to be taken in a literal sense!!!). When getting changed I noticed that my favourite jeans have got a big hole in the them :(. I hope I find decent substitute, but I really don’t fancy going shopping at the moment, my brain  is just a bit tired because I am taking in so much of this foreign language that I can’t get my head around  just yet.

Talking about shopping, although I am still thrilled by the vegetables and fruit from the market, I start to miss my local Waitrose.  As yet, I haven’t found marigold bouillon, vanilla essence, moderately priced porridge oats or organic flour, nor is my favourite washing powder available in this country! What am I going to do? Will the nice people from Ocado expand to France, so I can have it all? May be I should drop them an email and enquire.

I shall stop ranting now, I am not only tired, but also very hungry. So I will be back on the scene sometime soon when I am fed, watered and (hopefully) relieved that my children are in nice classes with great teachers and classmates. The children, by the way, are absolutely fantastic at the moment. Linus has really taken to Lyon, he loves the place and already starts to cycle around confidently and on his own. Lucy likes it too, but I think she really misses her friends. I hope this gets better when she starts school and meets some girls to play or sing ABBA songs with…

PS: Rolf’s now pulled out his secret weapon in his quest to fix the washing machine: THE ALMIGHTY INTERNET. I hope this helps to make our washing machine happy and healthy again.


4 Responses to “Let’s have a moan for a change…”

  1. Steffen und Insa Says:

    You should try a new one… after 9 1/2 year… and there’s a long way to go 😉

  2. birolilu Says:

    Steffen, I don’t want to try a new one just yet, the next one will have to be a MIELE, so we have to save for a few months to buy the top of the range model that can be remote controlled and also makes you that cup of tea in the morning.I bet this is what you are doing your laundry with …. 🙂

  3. Sabine Says:

    You should try on shops like biocoop or La vie claire to find marygold bouillon, organic porridge or flour. About vanilla essence, you should find it everywhere… I always find nice things on those shops. Good luck !

  4. birolilu Says:

    Thanks Sabine, I have looked up the shops on google. We have a biocoop fairly close by, near Place Bellecour, and a ‘La vie claire’ on Cours Lafayette, also within my cycling radius:). I’ll pay them a visit this week and let you know what I have found… Love Birgitxx

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