Sunday morning – 8am

30 August 2009

… just the right time for a quick catch up while everybody else is still asleep. We are relieved! The children both have a place at the international school. Lucy and I ( Birgit) spent a wonderful afternoon by the Rhône while waiting for the results. Lucy’s were out at 2pm, Linus’ at 5pm. So we decided to make the most of the lovely weather and to check out the playgrounds and various water features. Lucy got absolutely soaked but dried off quickly enough in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, our washing machine is playing up now, it keeps on triggering the fuse and Rolf took the machine apart yesterday to find out what’s wrong with it. I left the scene and went shopping instead with Iris, a welcome break from cleaning and  unpacking boxes. Iris knows Lyon’s shopping scene rather well and she introduced me to  some wonderful specialist shops. We went to a haberdashery place first that sells the most gorgeous buttons, ribbons and wool. I am now more determined than ever to knit this  cardi I  have been promising myself this autumn. But there are also great shoeshops, shops selling  fantastic  kitchen equipment, bookshops and papeteries, not to mention the HANDBAGS you can buy. I think I have to find a job sooner rather than later ….

We rounded up the shopping tour with a visit to an  ice cream parlour by the Saône which sells delicious ice cream, 100 different flavours, amongst them exotic ones like basil and  lavender. I stuck with hazelnut. I promised the children to take them today, it looks like we are going to have another warm and sunny day. Perfect for an outing on the bike and an ice cream afterwards.

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