Online again

27 August 2009

We finally have a stable internet connection, so we’ll write a few posts today and tomorrow to catch up with recent events.

The extent to which we’ve come to rely on the internet is remarkable. It was a big relief when we received the Freebox yesterday. It is essentially an Ethernet router that’s preconfigured, so the basic functionality is “plug and play”. Once you’re online, there is a single web interface for activating Voice-over-IP and Wifi. The connection was not very stable at first, so I had to activate a more conservative mode (serénité instead of normal, patate (“spud”) or fastpath). This supposedly reduces throughput and adds lag, but I don’t notice any difference at all except much improved stability. Download rates are now around 15 and upload 0.8 kBit/s — this is three times better what we’re used to, hooray!

Voice-over-IP works well, too. I connected our pretty W48 to it and it receives calls all right, but you cannot dial out using impulse signalling. So we’ll use our cordless instead for now and think about setting up a private branch exchange that will support both phones.

TV over IP is included in the package, too, but we gave away our TV set before we moved. Somehow I don’t see ourselves finding the time to watch TV anytime soon, anyway.

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