14 August 2009

The rest of the day we spent shopping for necessities, most importantly a cooker. The fifth shop we visited had what we wanted. We’ll get it delivered Friday. We also sourced a dishwasher locally, ie. from the shop downstairs.

For dinner, we met Alexander, Iris and their children again, this time at the Café Sol in Vieux Lyon. Nice draught beer, nice tapas and salads. Returning home at 11 pm, we realized that both Birgit and I had apartment keys, but the key to the front door was safely locked away upstairs. Fortunately we knew the appropriate French expression to describe this kind of predicament: merde! After exclaiming it a number of times, we decided to take a hotel room (no discount for half nights, alas) and return at 10 in the morning, when the shopkeeper downstairs would have opened the front door. So the third night in our new home was spent, erm, away from our new home. C’est la vie…

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